External and Internal spying UK style

There was a reason why the colonies told old King George to kiss off. Spying. British soldiers would just walk into citizens homes and search and plunder. Citizens had no rights. (Thus the Bill of Rights origins become clear if you paid attention during your early American History classes.)

Today most of the tech world is writing about the new rules that the UK has allowed itself. These says wrote the laws and fu#ked up the English language – that we sort of short in common with the Neanderthal inbred civilians serpents over in the UK. I say that knowing that my British friends are using far more colorful language. They are the ones being stalked and terrorize by their own government. The UK movie industry has produced some powerful futuristic dramas directly related to the UK government spying. One movie, The Last Enemy, produced in 2008 seems almost prophetic.

Here’s the promo for the 5 episode series. I watched this Masterpiece Theater presentation on Hulu.com since I don’t have a TV. If you have Amazon Prime you can watch the series for free. This series gave me nightmares. It is that good and that bad.

An expatriate mathematician returns to England to find the nation transformed into a hyper paranoid surveillance society, plagued by terrorists, fugitives, and spies. Searching for the truth about his brother’s mysterious death, he is catapulted into an international conspiracy . . .

This was far out fiction back in our naive days back on the day. In the series there were CCTV cameras everywhere. The production was very powerful. When people know they are being watched constantly, knowing that every action, every encounter is being monitored this knowing changes behavior. This 2008 production was 1984 updated with a few twists and turns.

Anyway back to June 2014 and we have the UK spy guys telling everyone that all social media is external and it belongs to the spies. Zero oversight – just like the NSA in the U.S..

“O’Brien went on to say, “In the UK, the fact you can get ‘external communications’ without a targeted warrant means that the UK authorities have redefined a huge chunk of UK internet use as ‘external’. It’s ironic that such warrants general were one of the reasons why the US split away from the UK, and now here we are, with both the US and UK governments using them on their own citizens—and then sharing the data with each other.” GIZMODO.COM 

There are more details at the link or on Techdirt.com etc. Or you can watch the 2008 Masterpiece Theater series – The Last Enemy. The emotional impact will be the same. With the TV drama you can pretend that the story is make believe. 


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