Windows 8 – most hated OS

There is an ebook called -I hate Windows 8 – by D J Jones, which is the perfect name for a short books packed with ways to let YOU take control of YOUR  computer. Now all I need to do is find a few hours to work through all of the suggestions so that Windows 8 will look and act like Window 7. Windows 8 is NOT a sit down and have fun right away with your new computer. PITA – Windows 8 is a PITA.

All the other “help” with Windows 8 make 8 sound like the dawn of the modern era has arrived. The authors use the word modern so often that I started to think modern was a inserted in place of another m word. Turns out that Microsoft wanted to call Windows 8 “metro” but that word was a copyright infringement of another corporation. If you want to reading a running commentary on copy right issues – read

With the tablet wannabe Windows 8 OS you turn on the computer. So far so good – the on switch is more or less like the on switch of previous generations of Windows computers. So you go through the opening garbage where you are asked too many personal bits which are sent to Microsoft (and in this NSA collect everything, put a backdoor everywhere) good bye privacy. Remember your password or you will need another computer to go to a Microsoft server to reset your password. Don’t ask how I know. The default sleep mode is way too short for the stupid but necessary Microsoft updates. Just about all the defaults suck. This comes from someone who loves tablets. But tablets are wonderful for some computer uses and laptop and desktops are different! Even if said laptop has a touch screen. The touch screen is interesting but the mouse often is better. The mice were created by the computer gods for a reason. The touch pad is also often better than either the touch screen or the mouse. The bamboo tablet is nice for digital art and photo Lightroom details.

So you get your new computer turned on and after three or four screens you can get to work. No not yet. You will need to download the programs you use – or the reason you have the #=)_$$”‘; machine in the first place. After a few hours when you get rid of useless junk and you have down loaded a nifty program which will switch your user friendly programs to the beast called 8 you can get to work. I’ll have to get the name of that utility that will switch your choice of programs to beast number 8.

When I got my Windows 7 computer back in 2008 I had it up and running within 15 minutes. XP to Vista to Window 7 – each OS was a needed improvement. I always dreaded the next upgrade. Microsoft made a whole lot of missteps from the last DOS – I skipped all of those upgrades until XP came along. There was a learning curve – but not too bad. MS Word replaced WordPerfect. That was the beginning of the Microsoft take over of the office productivity software.

Windows Office is now set up like a yearly rental. No thank you. I have that on my Windows 7 and it is paid for. There are two superior FREE office productivity programs. Open Office has been on my computer years. Open Office has several modules, a word processors, spreadsheet, database program, a presentation program and a few other modules. Open Office will work with the Microsoft file formats. Open Office does accept donation and it is open source software. The other office productivity software is called LibreOffice. This software works on several different platforms or operations systems. It is supposed to work on the Linux OS – which will be my next major project. Dual boot system – sounds like fun.

Window 8.1 the tablet wannabe OS is over reach. I love my Kindle tablet. I’ve been making most of my blog entries on my tablet. If I preload my photos and graphics then I could drop in some colorful images to break up all the text. That’s coming. Perhaps my upcoming road trip will yield a need to show off Washington state. You all do realize that we Washington residents are forbidden to reveal that sometimes on rare occasions the sun does shine on the Western half of the state. We have Western and Eastern Washington because in reality we are two very different states.

Anyway there is no way that I would want Windows the beast 8 on my tablet. I am a devoted Android user. For some reason Apple OS research more porno than Android users – interesting bit of useless trivia. My cell phone is an Android OS as well. One size fits all Apple – no thank you. Years ago when the PC was young and the choice was Microsoft DOS and Apple computers – the salesmen (yes all males) was hostile to computer engineers who wanted to buy the new PC.

The computer engineers way back then worked on “real” computers and spoke and used computer languages like a second or third language. But they really wanted to play with new shiny toys. The Apple sales force was hostile toward the computer engineers and so they bought the IBM Microsoft based computers. Bill Gates Microsoft was friendlier towards the special lies called electrical engineer.

My computer mentors were computer engineers. So I learned DOS.  Knowing DOS and how to find the command line is still necessary. At least once a year I need to brush up on my DOS to figure out how to fix an introduced glitch. Some people love Apple – which is great because that operating system fits a whole lot of people. We need choices. Microsoft has forgotten its roots. I don’t believe Windows 8.1 is fixable. There are ways to cobble on fixes to return the beast to the look and feel of Windows 8. Let the tablets be Android but not Microsoft. The iPad just sound weird. Linux Ubuntu has a version for the tablet. This sound like a great way to up grade the elderly Android and first generation kindle tablets.


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