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George Will – retire now!

There comes a time when it is obvious that the time has come to put the old guy out to pasture. When it is so obvious that the old guy’s sense of right and wrong got lost in his sock drawer – retire the old coot.

George Will has no fundamental comprehension of the harm he has done and is doing to rape and sexual assault victims. Words can be weapons. George Will has insulted millions of women. The statistics vary on just how many women have been sexually assaulted, raped, sexually molested, etc. It depends on how the questions are asked. In Egypt nearly all women have experienced some form of sexual assault, verbal, to unwanted touching to rape and murder. In America it depends on so many variables that a one size fits all statistics is meaningless.

Rape is about power and control. Rape is about war crimes.

College is a place that should be safe. But for many women their college experience had lessons in the patriarchal structure of the world. Blame the victim. George Will is part of the chorus. He writes with concern how the rapists are harmed – their futures ruined. This is his solo – oh weep for the rapist.

Little Willie just keeps digging his hole. My god he really hates women who refuse to lay back and accept that males can do it and mostly get away with it.

Thankfully George Will is not all men. It so happens that daughters can teach their fathers about life – living life as a female in Patriarchal world. Judges with daughters have more empathy for women than Judges with no daughters. The research and results need to be read. Because this means that we daughters can teach our fathers about the reality of our world.

George Will and all the other misogynistic conservative fools need to be retired.


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