Lots of words being said about Iraq

Cheney and his creepy daughter (who have gotten rich off of the Iraq war) are out front and center proud of their war, rather like ghouls or vampires of the scary characters in B movies or novels. Of all the outrageous plots in political thrillers this current reality TV show takes the cake.

Sometime in the future some wise acre historian is going to write a “how not to” book. How not to win a war. I noticed that there are satellite photos of the Iraq oil fields smoking from fires.

Iraq is a relatively young county created by the western powers by drawing lines on a map. That’s the cliff notes version. Perhaps Iraq should be allowed to settle out into a more logical configuration. Wise watchers of the middle east have offered this as a solution.

Wars are sad – women and children suffer the most. There are no civilized wars. At one time the western world believed that they could create rules for civilized warfare. We know that these rules of war have mostly been ignored. The word warriors have made up a new language of war – like collateral damage for when the bombs deliberately hit a civilian bomb shelter. Word warriors excuse the hundred of women and children killed in that shelter collateral damage because the generals running the war from some warm, safe place thought the bad guys were hiding in the shelter. Blaming the victims – that is also the trick of the word warrior.

Obama claims to have given an anti war speech – but no one can be found who heard the actual speech. There is a copy of a recreated speech which is claimed to be a reenactment. Does anyone really believe this?

The election season is here. What is being debated? Iraq war round three, IRS, oh and same sex marriage. A has been numbskull claims that battling against same sex marriage is going to be a winner for the tea party. O K. Nothing about a living wage or wage theft or any of a dozen areas of concern.- nope, same sex marriage and keeping women in their place. Seems like the American Christian Taliban might as well copy how the Islamic countries keep their women in line.

Additional links and information:

History of the region once called Iraq from Juan Cole


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