Climate change – science, DEA not science

It is interesting to go quickly through headlines – that’s when you can see a sort of D.C. cognitive dissonance emerging. On one hand we have the GOP in the house proving over and over that they don’t understand scientific methods or much of anything about science. Most of the GOP on the science related committees are climate deniers. Ignoring that climate change is settled science – climate change is happening and humans are mostly responsible. Last May was the hottest on record. I’m betting that June will also win some sort of record. GOP being stupid no big surprise there.

Then the same batch of news headlines came up with evidence that democrats are just as willfully ignorant as well as being science deniers. This case has to do with the science deniers in the DEA. The case has to do with getting a judge to stand on his head and to rule that science is against the law. Somehow the DEA and the Federal prosecutor has gotten a anti science ignorant judge to rule out any discussion of science. One might think that this is a case involving global warming and the GOP anti science – science committee in the Congressional House of Representatives.

This anti science judge is in Washington State and the case is about the medical use of Marijuana. The growing of medical marijuana by a family which they use due to various medical conditions. But the anti science judge has ruled that only the DEA’s hysterical viewpoint will be allowed. The DEA’s rule book says that marijuana has no as in zero medical use but it is rather a dangerous drug and anyone caught growing pot is a dangerous drug dealer. It doesn’t matter that the state of Washington has voted to legalize medical marijuana and the recreational use of marijuana/pot. The DEA went after this family like there were part of a dangerous drug cartel. This family was in compliance with the laws of Washington State.

Now I have no vested interest in the use or selling of marijuana. I’m allergic to smoke of any kind and most green stuff. But I do have an interest how the Feds are wasting tax payer’s money. I do have an interest in the miscarriage of justice. I also can’t help but wonder why the judge is so supportive of the DEA’s version rather than let a jury have all the fact and all the science. There is science behind doctor’s decision to recommend pot to treat certain medical conditions. But the DEA is saying – to hell with science we just need a judge in our pocket. The head of the DEA was appointed by Obama. So I am assuming that Obama also is dismissing science in his support of the actions of the DEA in this case and others.

This perversion of justice is happening in a state that has voted to legalize pot. We don’t want out tax money wasted on keeping non violent offenders in jail. We would rather see pot taxed and that money go to pay for state upkeep etc. Colorado is already seeing income from the voters choice to legalize pot.

Drug use should be treated as a health issue and the control of drugs should be under state control. Didn’t we learn a lesson during the prohibition era and the raise of the mafia? Make something illegal that people want and are willing to pay for – you know capitalism.

Friends of mine have had cancer and they were prescribed the drug which is supposed to be a drug company answer to pot to help ease the side effects of anti cancer therapy. The drug company is making a lot of money from drug that is supposed to act like pot in easing the side effects of the chemo therapy. Right there we have evidence for at least one medical use of pot. By the way some of my friend tried pot after getting little or no relief from the DEA approved treatment. Pot was far superior to the pharmaceutical industry alternatives.

So who is the DEA really working for? Who is Obama and Holder really working for. The option to change the drug classification of pot is under the control of the president. The same President who shouts out his intellectual superiority over the climate deniers. There are all sorts of deniers a former pot smoking President who wants to put Washington pot users in prison who denies there is any scientific proof that pot has medical benefits.

Additional links and comments
This link goes to an article on The Guardian about the medical use of variety of marijuana. This variety doesn’t cause a high for the user but it does help children with severe seizures (meaning several seizures every day). This variety of marijuana is called Charlotte’s Web. For parents who have tried every drug to help their child and not one of the drug company pharmaceuticals brought any relief to the child until the parents tried the medical marijuana variety in Colorado where this is legal. The deniers in the DEA have managed to block any serious scientific research because who cares if people suffer and and die because the DEA denies that medical uses for marijuana could even be possible.

This article also makes the valid point that the lack of scientific research on this one variety of marijuana means that patients are forced to experiment on themselves. Sometimes Charlotte’s Web marijuana makes a patient’s condition worse. Sometimes the results from using Charlotte’s Web are dramatic and other times no so much.

The pharmaceutical industry can’t allow the research on a common weed – that would hurt their bottom line.


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