It’s legal when the government does it

The “it” is murder, of course. The murder of an American citizen overseas is legal according the President’s word warrior. Treason, of some super secret sort, is the reason for this murder by the President. Oh plus the guy’s son was also murdered by the President’s drones. But that murder is denied since he died as the result of collateral damage, or that is the unproven claim. Word warrior are just too damned cute.

This rant is about the memo which made it O.K. to murder an American citizen overseas. Well what the hell he was a Muslim, of color and he dressed well, you know, not like a real American. You see, it does matter – the pathological word warrior who used a lot of weasel words to give Obama permission, makes it just that much easier to murder the next Americans, who break secret laws or the made up laws, invented by secret courts.

If you aren’t female and have never encountered an Islamic misogynistic male – you are lucky. But just because these guys are misogynist creeps, that does not make it right to murder the idiot males. Sometimes I think that the Y of the XY chromosomes that missing leg of the rest of the X – is where common sense comes from. These Islamic fundamentalists are a group of dicks living in the dark ages.

I’m not sure what sort of message about democracy is learned in Islamic countries when the President orders the drone murder of an American citizen. And no I can not get over the fact that a pathological word warrior, weasel worded a memo to make the murder of American “legal”. Some guy who happens to be a weasel lawyer, working for the President decides that Obama can kill American citizens in foreign countries. We aren’t “at war” with that country. No war has been declared on Yemen. Since this American was an outsider in that country how do we know that the “evidence” was manufactured by Yemeni authorities just because the American set off their spy alarm or something. At this point the guy is dead and there is no way to know the truth. With Obama’s record of lying – there is no way to know the truth. That’s how Chicago politics is played.

Many Americans seem to be able to dismiss the murdered American citizen for secret reasons (probably made up, after the murder to excuse the murder.) Setting aside a whole group of people and making it legal to kill this group is barbaric, uncivilized and racist. Ironic that it was Obama doing the killing -well one person removed from pulling the actual trigger.

The heavily redacted text of the drone murder memo was released. Like duh. Film at 5. Details of the blood and guts of what is left of a former American citizen. Next up the blood and guts of the teen age son. Perhaps the kid had his father’s cell phone – who knows? The murders are telling and they will leave an evil legacy for Obama. Rather like the Nixon toxic legacy.

Here’s to ending on an upbeat note!

Oh the very good news today was that a judge decided that the no fly list is unconstitutional. There is no way to get off that list and no known criteria as to why some people find themselves listed. Win some lose some. But then all Obama needs to do is find a dirty judge who will toss out the ruling of the first judge.


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