SWAT teams blows hole in baby

The SWAT team in Georgia claimed to have no knowledge that there were children in the house – yet these oh so brave militarized police had to walk past a van with a child’s car seat in plain sight and toys in the yard. Lies are all these gang members/SWAT idiots can tell.

This link is the mother’s side of what happened. Terrorism happen in the U.S. almost daily. The war on drugs is and excuse to terrorize civilians you know of course that we are all suspects to the cops? The siblings and parents of this baby are still suffering from post traumatic syndrome – the hell that the SWAT jerks put this family through will stay with this family for a long time.

When the linked update on the condition of the baby was written the doctors still haven’t been able to access the damage of direct contact did the the baby’s cognitive functions.

This was a baby and the SWAT team’s actions were exactly like we have been told only the badly ugly terrorists might do. There were other children and innocent adults in this house. There was no excuse for this stupid, arrogant and terrorism by police. What sort of world do we live in? Cops playing soldiers can get away with murder? The parents don’t know yet if their baby will live. And if he manages to live – goddess I can’t even consider all the possible outcomes.

What is really the ultimate of terrorism is that the mother knew her child was gravely injured and the terrorists cops lied to the mother and psychologically and probably physically abused her as well. She tells us that her husband was physically assaulted by the terrorists cops. These innocents were considered suspects and thus non human. Such is the war mentality of cops.

Shame on America for allowing terroristic cops full control. As my friend says – the terrorists have won. I’ll add that the terrorists are of the domestic home ground variety.

A baby – that was a baby in that crib. You guys probably make jokes about blowing the brains out of civilians as well. We civilians are no longer human being to militarized cops but rather the other – not worthy of respect. That is how the military trains soldiers to kill other humans – the de personalization of the enemy. This is what happens when a police force becomes militarized. This is what happens when a government declares war on innate objects. Human beings get caught in the cross fire. Can we please have a cease fire? I don’t want to read another news article about militarized cops harming more children or adults either of any age.

Additional links and updates

The original story. Terrorists cops still trying to deflect the blame.

The war at home. SWAT teams misused.

The misuse of SWAT teams, plus the additional information that the mother of the critically injured baby has retained the services of a lawyer.


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