Misogyny and Mormon leadership

Where to start? Oh how about the threat from the male dominated Mormon leadership – bad mouth the LDS online and risk getting tossed out of the church. No afterlife for men which means giving up on an afterlife of sex all the time on your very own planet. Seems like it would be ideal for women who want to be Mormon priests to get excommunicated and then find a planet for only the righteous woman. However “righteous” is defined.

The reasons why the misogynistic Mormon leadership had to issue this stern warning is because the leader of the women wannabe priests movement was excommunicated by the boys only club. Sad thing is that she is most likely more religious and has a deeper faith than the male only priests. There is a large body of religiosity research on how male and female’s depth of religious commitment differs.  In general males religiosity tend to be extrinsic and women’s religiosity tends to be more intrinsic. Meaning most males wear their religion like a coat – religion isn’t part of their core. For most women who are part of a religious group or church most are true believers, religious beliefs are deeply internalized.
As for Kate Kelly who is a total believer in the Mormon mythology – she feels that she has been vindicated but this statement of male solidarity forever by the male only leadership.

In what The Salt Lake Tribune called a “rare” joint statement on the part of the Mormon church’s two governing entities, the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles declared that “[o]nly men are ordained to serve in priesthood offices.”

The statement was a response to the uproar that followed the excommunication of Kate Kelly, the founder of Ordain Women, an online group that campaigned to create more prominent roles for women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

The Mormon church was founded by a con man from New York. The history of this church is mostly unknown to Americans. That’s just the way the leadership likes it. There are a number of books by people who have left the church after discovering the real history of the church.

Religiosity is religious devotion to a religious belief system – the folks who accept all teachings of their religion. There is a very large body of religiosity research. I added to that research as part of my experimental psychology class. I read all the research, designed a research project and wrote a paper on the research for that class. It really surprised me about the intrinsic and extrinsic differences of men and women – women are more religious then men and yet most religions are male dominated.


Full disclosure – I am half Mormon on my father’s side. My grandfather left the church and Utah as soon as he could get away. My grandfather’s ancestors go back to the early days East Coast days of John Smith’s leadership of the LDS/Mormons. My grandmother’s family tree also goes back to the early days of the Mormon Church on the east coast before the epic migration to what is now Utah. So I couldn’t help but learn about the history of the Mormon church when I researched my genealogy. That lead me to investigate the founder of the church. This is a part of American history we don’t learn in school.

Wikipedia – religiosity defined:

Religiosity, in its broadest sense, is a comprehensive sociological term used to refer to the numerous aspects of religious activity, dedication, and belief (religious doctrine). Another term that would work equally well, though less often used, is religiousness.

In its narrowest sense, religiosity deals more with how religious a person is, and less with how a person is religious (in practicing certain rituals, retelling certain stories, revering certain symbols, or accepting certain doctrines about deities and afterlife).


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