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The 5 Supremes speak again

How stupid can five men be? Roberts’ court – or misogyny grand central.

The split decision on corporate personhood and the religious “rights” of the “closely held corporation” of the Christian right-wing nutty was announced today by a Supreme Could that has an approval rating of 39%.

This was another dumb decision just like the day the Supremes declare GW Bush king in 2000. Iraq war is the direct result of the Supremes making a political decision.

With the current Corporate religious personhood decision by the holy 5, what we are seeing is a whole lot of ignorant males tweeting their ignorance to the world. Sex – human reproduction. Sex is bad – women who have sex are evil sluts. These are some of the tweets reposted on Pandagon which show the depth of conservative’s knowledge of women’s biology.

George Will must be so proud – the next generation of conservative dudes are following in Will’s footsteps. Reading the comments of these dim bulb dude makes me wonder if biology and human sexuality is taught in high school? Perhaps those nasty bits are cut out of textbooks.

Hobby Lobby has been non my boycott list for a long time. The Neanderthals who own this company deserve to lose business.

The religious right keeps on pushing toward their goal of turning the U.S. into a theocracy. These radical terrorists do not believe in democracy. It would seem that the extreme religious right’s goal for women is rather like what the religious fundamentalists in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan etc have for their females. The attitude of do what we (Christian right extremists) want or we will kill you attitude is common to all rigid fundamentalists cults. The object of control has always been the females.

So the five, out of touch with the world, dudes on the Supreme court have let their fundamentalist underwear show again. The wall separating church and state is taking a beating by the Supreme 5 dudes.

Here’s Erick Erickson’s tweet demonstrating his supreme ignorance:

My religion trumps your “right” to employer subsidized consequence free sex.”

Supreme ignorance on display. Misogyny on display. Supreme ignorance of women’s biology and sexuality. Oh and you slutty married women how dare you – well you know – do the dirty with your husband. Hey do the dudes get their Viagra?

This Supreme decision was directed at women. The irony escapes most fellas.

Updates and further questions.

Did the 5 male Supremes just give ownership of women’s bodies to Religious Right Corporate persons? Just how far will this personhood of corporations trump real live breathing and living humans? Who knows how far the corporate persons will push the boundaries? How many steps until the U.S. becomes a theocracy with a king who speaks to god? Misogyny on display at the U.S. Supreme Court. Not much has changed.

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