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NSA is reading email of US citizens

This is not, of course, new information. But what we have is the proof that computer professional have been telling us for years.

NSA is military and contractors doing the spying on PRIVATE communication of whatever the military can steal. For some reason I assumed that the U.S. Military wasn’t supposed to be part of the spy on civilians network. Spying on civilians is the job of the FBI. J Edgar Hoover loved to spy on celebrities and anyone who could be useful at some point. Of course this was back in the old days when the spy equipment was more primitive.

I feel like I need to take a shower after reading about the slime buckets of the NSA. Then the sleazy top spy pigs retire and take in the dough as consultants to banks etc. Surely there is the thought that this former head of NSA is somehow using knowledge gained from spying to assist in making the banks more “secure”?

We learned in this newest Snowdon related information dump that the NSA combs through private communication and then keep what they have stolen in case the need to fabricate something to blackmail someone perhaps. This of course is purely hypothetical based on the known behavior of J Edgar Hoover – spying and blackmailing have been done before.

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