The day after

Why does a semi civilised people need to terrorize animals on July 4th? Every damn July 4 th dog, cats and forest animals are terrified by booming fire works.

Even out in a remote rural the drunken males need to recreate the sounds of a war zone. These self centered humanoids have no regard for the elderly who go to bed early and expect to get some sleep. This 4 th of July insanity doesn’t change. In some places there are laws against this insanity, especially in forest preserves. Law enforcement – never for a silly law about empathy for other living creatures.

The night of the idiots is over – and a lot of jerks parted with lots of cash to prove which dumb ass is the dumbest of all. Just as I was typing the previous sentence at 8 pm on July 5 a dumb ass jerks lit a loud boom – proclaiming himself to be the biggest jerk of the day after.

Yes I do know that Indians selling fire works to non Indians is one way for Indian Nations to make money. I wish the Indian Nations could find a better way. They are providing a prohibited item that is in great demand by folks with money. Of course the fireworks are probably made in China where fireworks were invented. Why has the boom of fireworks become associated with Independence from Great Britain?


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