Joan Rivers what is she anyway?

There comes a time when no amount of plastic surgery can hide the aging of the brains of some nasty mean jerks. Joan Rivers with the grotesque face to match her dirty mouth. Why is this ignorant jerk given a platform for her version of hate?

I am not a fan of Mr & Mrs Obama, but the latest demented rambling by Joanie Rivers is beyond disgusting. However since the Supreme court Five have made everything about sex and sluts – it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Rivers is going to jump into the sex makes headlines shark pool.

Here’s what the old hag said.
Joan Rivers Says Barack Obama Is Gay, Uses Trans Slur Against Michelle Obama –

So Mrs Obama is tall – so what. Many women are tall. Mrs Obama has worked hard to look classy. Her sense of style has improved over the years, or she is getting good advice. I can’t believe that I’m defending Mrs Obama! Joan Rivers is a no class bitch. Mrs Obama compared to Rivers – Mrs Obama has far more class and grace than Ms Rivers will ever have. Plastic surgery doesn’t fix low class vulgar loud mouthed bitch.

Mr Obama da Prez – who cares? None of my business. Mr & Mrs Obama are playing their roles well.


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