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Tea Party misinformation

Tea Party misinformation comes from FOX “news”. According to individuals who consider themselves members of the tea party or sympathetic to the goal and philosophy of the tea party. None are aware of the central role of the Koch Brothers in establishing the tea party. All of the references for anti Obama sentiment is from FOX “news”. Some of their information is somewhat correct but not completely factual.

The emotional hooks used to gather recruits are guns (the UN is going to confiscated citizens guns, immigration/ US borders are wide open). Whoever is directing the tea party ideological debate is from an older generation. Tea party folks claim that Obama is a communist. The TP members I’ve talked to make almost identical claims, using identical words.

If I point out that Obama is really the opposite of communist and give detailed reasons they don’t know how to respond  (for instance the fact that Obama began his run for the presidency with a war chest of 50 million which was largely from major corporations). Corporations do not give millions to someone who will turn around and nationalise major industries.

Many TP members are aware of the International trade deals that Obama is trying to force on the Nation – oh right they say – like NAFTA which has been bad news for the working stiffs. TP members are also aware of the effort to reduce and/or eliminate Social Security and Medicare by the Cat Food commission. Retired Senator Alan Simpson is on that committee. Social Security and Medicare should be left alone – according to tea party leaning people I talked to.  We hear about all the negatives about TP – but there seems to be some issues that most Americans can agree. Of  course the Koch Bros may have a vested interest in seeing the approval of the current trade treaties which will further Naftasize the U.S. and rewrite or overwrite U.S. laws.

If the Tea Party members and leaners would get their news from real news sources and somehow realize that their emotions are being manipulated to favor the business interests of the Koch Bros then one day we of the 99% will realize we need to work together. FOX “news” is the problem. Seems like Russell Brand said something along those lines. The Koch Bros are creating a mob which right now is being directed at the children coming across the U.S. / Mexican borders. The Koch Bros are dangerous – they are the ones who find a commie under every bed. The democrats who used to be commie list of the Tea Party members is quite extensive.

FOX “news” is a subversive communication element that has not been helpful except to create a bunch of misinformed haters.

The following were my opinions that I shared with the Tea Party members I talked to in Eastern Washington.

I did not vote for Obama because he had no goals as a President. He has no core values except to have absolute power so that he can fulfill the promises to his major backers. Obama is from the pay to play Chicago political machine. Chicago politics are dirty and that’s the way Obama plays the game. Obama rarely tells the truth. Obama can only read a teleprompter. Every time Obama opens his mouth he is lying. I do not believe Obama is a Moslem. GW Bush was just as bad, perhaps worse than Obama. I’m an Independent and believe both baby Bush and Obama were ill equipped to hold the office of President of the U.S..

One little detail I left out was the fact that GW Bush lied us into the war on Iraq. But the Tea Partiers would say respond that gas prices were cheaper under Bush.

The VA mess came up – Tea Partiers are displeased that government employee get bonuses. That fact really chafed them about the whole mess.

Additional links and comments

Russell Brand Calls Fox News A ‘Fanatical Terrorist Propagandist Organization.

Look at the mob action of Americans going to the U.S./Mexican border and rioting. Where are these people getting their information – who knows when and where the undocumented children will be loaded on buses? How do the Tea Party protesters get the information to be able to show up in mass? These are some of the things that make me go hmmmm.

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