Florida going underwater and idiot senators

South Miami mayor Phil Stoddard called climate denier Senator Rubio “an idiot”. Miami is already going under water. During the extreme high tide seasons in some low lying areas cars can’t be left in the lower parking levels. Scientists at Miami colleges and Universities are tracking the slowly but steady raising after.

Stoddard is a biology professor as well as the Mayor of South Miami. “ Philip Stoddard is particularly well-placed to judge what is happening to Miami. Tall, thin, with a dry sense of humour, he is a politician, having won two successive elections to be mayor of South Miami, and a scientist, a biology professor at Florida International University.”

How did the voter of Miami manage to vote for an intelligent scientist? Amazing – because if Miami or even part of Miami is going to survive – Miami will need all the clear thinkers working together on keeping the water back. Florida has too many dunderheaded politicians who think they can with upon a star and global warming will go away.

Miami needs both U.S. Senators working on raising money to hold back the raising waters. Obviously Rubio isn’t intelligent enough to understand his on state – and this chubby cheeked jerk wants to be President of the U.S.” OH hell no. He needs to go back to school or get an honest job somewhere in Miami, close to the water front.

The linked article is well worth reading. Raising sea levels are not just hitting tropical islands and atolls way off in some remote place,  Raising sea levels will be hitting thousands of miles of coast line of the USA. In Washington State we have thousand of homes built very close to sea level – all of these homes will be increasingly vulnerable during periods of extreme high tides then throw on a major storm.

Rubio is an idiot. A self centered, power hungry idiot. When is his term up?


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