Wars and more wars

Gaza again. Why? Could it be the gas reserves just of shore from the Gaza strip? Children are being sacrificed on the alter of greed.

Then in the Ukraine today a Malaysian passenger 777 jet was brought down by a missile – fired by one side or the other. This war is a proxy war – the U.S.A. supporting Ukraine. The rebels supported by Russia. Right now most of the world’s attention is focused on the horrible tragedy of 295 killed for merely flying over a war zone. I’m thinking of all the family members who have lost loved ones in yet another senseless war.

The U.S. propaganda media has their marching orders – support the U.S. Government’s version of reality and ignore the children being mowed down.

GOP puts fetus rights above those of the mother and yet once the baby is born – forget about the creepy beggars. The humanitarian crisis of children crossing the Mexican border into the U.S. – send them back – is the response of the radical right. Children are being killed in Gaza – deliberate targeting of children by Israeli gunners. The NBC reporter who covered the story has been ordered to leave Gaza. How dare this reporter put a face and a name to four murdered children.

Will the racists in the Israeli Government manage to exterminate the whole Gaza population – over gas reserves? Gas, land and water are reasons enough to engage in genocide.

Until and unless there is recognition of and respect for Palestinian humanity and their inherent rights as an occupied people deserving of self-determination, the bloodshed and violence will continue. Without any accountability mechanism to persuade Israel to take this approach in negotiations, the way forward remains murky. In the meantime, analysts and journalists can do their part by treating Palestinians as actual human beings, deserving of safety and security, whose lives have value. The more we hear about Palestinians from Palestinians themselves,the better.”

Six percent of the Palestinian population are Christians.

If the roles of Israel and Palestine were reversed I would be making the same arguments. Israel has a right to exist. The right of Israel to exist does not make genocide of an occupied population moral or legal under International laws. War crimes are happening in Gaza. The British people survived the nightly bombarded during WWII and were united in their fight against Germany.

Where is the compassion for the victims?

Can I demand that my tax dollars not be spent on wars and as foreign aid to Israel and others who wage war? Never mind I am not a corporate human being – my voice and vote don’t count.

Additional links and comments

Another perspective – bring to trial those who are accused of war crimes on BOTH sides.

In some ways warfare and psychological warfare hasn’t changed much from WWII and today.


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