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Chaos in Gaza

This war on Gaza is troubling. My tax dollars are being used to kill babies and children. That I personally detest the Islamic fundamentalist religion is beside the point. The people of Gaza are human beings as are their siblings the people of Israel. Right now the aggressor is Israel – no matter the claim of “Self defense”. If Israel can claim self defense as the justification for attacking hospitals – this is a war crime. We are told that Israel is very careful in targeting. Then we must assume that children are being deliberately targeted.

Is claims to ‘warn’ people to leave. How can Gaza’s children escape when there is nowhere to go in the open air prison called Gaza?

The reason for the Israeli attack on Gaza is said to be self defense. But there is that prize called gas. There is no way that Israel can exterminate all Palestinian – although it is clear that the folks who come out to view the bombing of Gaza as a spectator sport are like the ancient Romans watching the gladiators in the Roman death match orgies.

It is unsettling to read the trolls responses to any story containing even a trace amount of empathy for the children of Gaza. These trolls are the hard line believers that the Israel army can do no wrong. Bombing the hospital in Gaza is a war crime. Period. Targeting civilians and children is a war crime.

The U.S. Government’s blind obedience to anything Israel demand is troubling. Israel is not perfect. Israel makes mistakes. There is a strong peace movement in Israel. I’m following their observations of the current leadership of the Israeli Government. There is a lot of manufactured hate in Israel and in Palestine.

This ongoing racial hatred of people who claim a common ancestor called Abraham is getting very old. The idiots on both sides will keep up the cycle of hatred as long as outsiders continue to buy into the old and hardened hatred. This is yet another example of Neoconservative rage and love of chaos.

Children must not be harmed. Israel is deliberately harming children. First with the blockade of Gaza and now the deliberate targeting of homes and the hospital. Yes of course the Palestinian bad guys do the same sort of targeting – but the deaths of vastly more Palestinian children tells the story of deliberate targeting.

The U.S. Government needs to withdraw all military support from Israel – immediately. If ever there was a time to support peace candidates in Israel – now is the time.

Harming children is wrong.

Additional links and comments

Other wars and parallels – comments by Glenn Greenwald.

Israel reaping what it has sown in Gaza. Originally published in Haaretz.

” According to International Humanitarian Law (IHL) hospitals are protected sites. Article 19 of the Fourth Geneva Convention also states: “The protection to which civilian hospitals are entitled shall not cease unless they are used to commit…acts harmful to the enemy.” The Geneva Convention also requires “a reasonable time limit,” for allowing an evacuation. If a hospital is used to launch weapons, under IHL it can only be targeted when there is an imminent strike originating from the location. Even storing caches of weapons do not meet international law’s stringent threshold for firing on humanitarian sites

Jon Stewart – speak out if your side is wrong. Knee jerk support for bad behavior of governments encourages them to continue on a self harming path. “How Jon Stewart made it okay to care about Palestinian suffering.”

6% of the Palestinian population is Christian. Muslims are taking shelter in Christian churches. And these churches are being hit by Israeli fire. Basically there is no safe place for the Palestinians to go. As the population seeks refuge that refuge is then targeted by the the Israeli Army. These are human beings. Children are dying. It sort of looks like the Palestinians are being herded into a tighter group.

Then the misogynist old Professor speaks is mind. The only way to stop Arab suicide bombers is to rape their women. Another version of collective punishment of the innocent for the crimes of others. WTF?


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