Eastern Washington wildfires

I am about a 150 miles east of where the fires are raging. Some days the smoke is thick. My cousin and I have inherited our grandfather’s smoke allergy. Ironically my drive plan two weeks ago was to travel west on state highway 20. The reservation near the Okanogan area leading to the mountain passes was made but lightening strikes set off wildfires in the area before I was due to leave. Some days we see the pink haze from the smoke – depending on how the wind is blowing. Both route 20 and 2 over the Cascade Mountains are closed. The main route Interstate 90 is a massive construction zone at the pass. Two routes west remain. The problem is that heavy smoke makes for hazardous driving.

Never before in Washington’s recorded history have four large fires combined to create a gigantic fire like the firefighters are dealing with. My allergy to smoke is absolutely minor to the devastation of the areas just east of the Cascade mountain range.

The red wild fire symbols are growing on this map which is an overview of all known ongoing fires. There is a new fire just south of Spokane.

Global Warming. In the days leading up to the fires the temperature it was extremely hot in Eastern Washington, triple digits. We have a Governor who is very aware of climate change science. He knows that this is the new normal.

There now a forecast for heavy rains to hit the fire scorched areas of eastern Washington. So now the new worry is – flash floods on hillsides stripped bear of vegetation.


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