Hospital bombed Israel lies

International laws apparently do not apply to Israel.

The Israeli army’s tanks boomed a hospital and now a school full of refugees. These victims were ordered to leave their homes. So these refugees were sheltering at a U.N. school. Hey Israeli racist, what you are doing is not “self defense”. What you are doing is called murder.

I’m  truly sorry about what happened to Jews in WWII – but that was long before I was born. You know like ancient history. The year is now 2014. This is a new century. But what was murder in centuries past is still murder.

Now I know that not all Israelis are racists. However, now that many Israelis have become a mob it is dangerous for peace loving Israelis to protest the actions of their government. So sad.

However let the racists speak. So that the world knows the truth.

Additional links and comments

History of the lead up to the current slaughter in Gaza. Link above.

Cannonfire blog has a powerful essay called – “How to end the Genocide“. One thing he says we can do is to blog about what is happening in Gaza.

One of my ancestors survived the trail of tears. The genocide of thousands of Indians in the forced relocation of East coast Native Americans so that Indians’ land could be stolen by whites. Before that we have an ancestor who escaped the Spanish Inquisition in Spain. His crime? He was Jewish and he was forced to renounce his heritage. He fled to France and then migrated to Maryland.

The battle over land and the extermination of the “others” has a long and ancient history. Why is the U.S. Government supporting and funding genocide? Israel seems to be herding the citizens Gaza into a much smaller space – making the slaughter easier. Tell everyone to evacuate and the bomb evacuation centers?


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