Israel lies about bombing U.N. school

The Israel spokespersons are consistent with their lies. The U.N. school which was hit by Israeli bombs the liars are now saying that the school was hit but no one was there. So contrary to the U.N. staff who were trying to move the Palestinians sheltering at the school – the Israeli liars claim no one was there.

Israel Acknowledges Mortar Shell Hit UN School –

At this point can anything the genocide loving Israel government spokespersons be reliable and truthful? Once a government or organization lies then when they do tell the truth – no one can believe any claim the spokes liars make. Verify using independent sources.

So if Israel presents a pile of bodies at some point in the distant future –  any claim about how these bodies reached the state of deadness needs independent verifiable proof. I very much doubt that this will ever happen in our life times. The pile of bodies will be Arab in the present day battle over land resources. Israel you have played the victim card too many times. Most of the world no longer believes you. Strange that only the U.S. Government supports Israel’s genocide. Very strange all the D.C. politicians are lock step with the Gaza genocide. Something is not quite right in D.C. Politicians never agree on everything. Strange.

Never forget about the gas reserves off of the Gaza coast. The victims in Gaza are being slaughtered on the alter to the God of gas. Reminds one of the Indians sent on the Trail of Treats by Andrew Jackson only to discover in the next century that the Indians were sitting on oil reserves.


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