Words with conflicting meanings

There is a word that suffers from misuse as well as over use. Terrorist. Terrorism.

It so happens that some talking heads in the U.S. are highly invested in the Israeli war hawk POV. Meaning that unless they call everyone living in Gaza a terrorist they think they aren’t doing their jobs. Sean Hannity is one of the screamers. Yelling at his guest that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Any group that opposes Israel is automatically labeled as terrorist.

Oh Hannity perhaps you need to have one of your interns do some research. The nasty bad Hamas is the fruit of Israeli meddling in Palestine politics. In order to destroy the PLO – Israel helped create Hamas. What does Israel want? Something like 86% of Israelis polled support the war and the continued bombing of Palestine. Many Christian Evangelicals also support Israel’s war on Gaza.

The definition of just who is a terrorist is confused.

Bing’s definition = ter·ror·ism [ térrə rìzzəm ]  
political violence: violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, carried out for political purposes.

Wikipedia has a long essay, mostly about the political meaning of terrorism. That label is quite subjective it turns out.

This current battle between the Israel army and the Hamas bottle rockets involves “terror” on both sides. But the risk and the terror is mostly one sided. Netanyahu is making claims about self defense and his supporters want a full scale population removal of all Arabs. Out of Gaza and the West Bank. Call this forced relocation by any name other than genocide would be a lie. What is happening in Gaza is like all the forced relocations that have happened since recorded history. Trail of Tears. The Navajo forced relocation, Kit Carson. The forced relocations in South Africa – Apartheid.

Back in Gaza the victims are being blamed for being too damned stupid to get out of the way of the bombs. The Netanyahu claim is that the Arabs seek martyrdom, even the children and babies. Hamas = bad guys = terrorists. Over one thousand Arabs killed – mostly civilians. The adults are killed because they possibility voted for Hamas. Children and babies don’t vote.

So if you vote for the wrong party you too could be listed as a terrorist. If you are a pacifist and are opposed to war as being useless and wasteful you could also be classified as a terrorist – going against the egotistical wishes of Big Brother.

How is Hamas as evil as Israel claims if Israel helped create Hamas? Which one is the terrorist? What about the Israel who ordered the bombing of the USS Liberty. The terrorists who ran a speed boat full of explosives into another U.S. military ship are known as terrorists. The Wikipedia entry for Hamas has been edited to remove the very earliest history of Hamas and Israeli Mossad. A few years ago when someone told me that Israel had supported Hamas over the PLO. I was skeptical. I checked several sources and the history is there.

What would take the place of Hamas? Perhaps a new group with younger more fanatical members? See this Foreign Policy article for an in-depth review of Hamas and options of other political parties.

The issues are far more complexes then calling both sides terrorists. Although in this case the aggressor is Israel. This war was needed by Israel and so the death of three Israeli boys was the excuse. This war is based on a lie – the claim that the kidnapped Israeli boys were taken by Hamas was  lie by Netanyahu to whip the mob of haters into a war frenzy. In this case which side was the terrorist? Netanyahu knew that the three boys were killed immediately.

Israel, thankfully,  can’t show photos of murdered Israeli children and babies because there are none. Israel is the one bombing hospitals, schools and civilians. Israeli soldiers are the ones who have invaded the prison colony called Gaza. The civilian victims in Gaza have nowhere to go. Israel is waging an uncivilized and barbaric war on a captive population who are told to Cleveland then are shot anyway. This is not a moral war – war is immoral. Israel is guilty of psychological torture on everyone living in Gaza – most specifically the children.

Children and babies are right now being terrorized in Gaza by the Israeli Army and Navy. Israel is getting away with murder with the assistance of the U.S. Government. This makes me very sad. Neither U.S. political party gives a damned about Arab babies and children. Photojournalists are risking their lives to record the horrors of war. Israel does not have the high ground. All Israel can do is misuse the word terrorist until the word has no meaning.

Why is my tax dollars being wasted on Israel? Feed the children in America. Health care – single payer for all of us in America. No more military handouts to Israel. Make Israel stop the slaughter of Gaza human beings. Only the U.S. can make Israel stop killing.

Additional links and comments

While many of us living far far away from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict focus on what is happening in Gaza the Jewish settlers on Palestinian land are attacking Palestinians who are protesting in support of Gaza. One especially cruel chant has the Jewish supporters of genocide chanting – no more school in Gaza because all the children are dead. So are the vast numbers of deaths of children and babies an “accident” or is “the most moral army” targeting children on purpose? If the Israeli Army is so accurate in targeting then perhaps children are the real target?

About 20% of the population in Israel are Palestinian or Arabs as they are also called. According to the link about Israel is NOT a democracy. Not when there are hundreds of laws which specifically discriminate against the 20 % non Jews. There are Jewish peace activists and they are attacked by mobs of pro war Jews. Not all Palestinians are Islamist about 6 % are Christians. Yet the U.S.Government supports only the radical haters in Israel. What does this tell us about the whole political leadership of both parties in D.C.? Our tax dollars are being spent to support the radical haters in Israel. I find this news very sad.

Killing children and adult civilians is wrong – even if we object to their brand of religion. Apparently the majority of Israelis are intolerant of others who are non Jewish. The fundamentalists Jewish or ultra orthodox Jews are intolerant of other Jews and they also don’t have kind feeling for secular Jews or individuals of other races and religions. If you read the Old Testament the Jews of ancient times were told by their God to exterminate non Jews. Because only Jews are the chosen of God. Some people and religions take everything in the Bible as absolute truth. The Bible can be used to justify a whole lot of evil. On the other hand there is a whole lot of good and kindness in the words of Jesus in the New Testament. Would Jesus approve of the actions of the Israeli Army? That army doesn’t recognize Jesus or the New Testament. Hmmm. This whole war is being fought and genocide is happening for the ultimate prize of the gas reserves off of Gaza. No religion just greed.

The fighting and killing will continue because to reach the goal of full ownership of the gas reserves requires the extermination of any who oppose Israel. The haters in Israel will claim that the Palestinian want to die so Israel is merely assisting the Palestinians in their death wish. There was no one at the U.N. school in Gaza – because no human beings live in Gaza. Using that logic the Israeli Government can excuse all reports of deaths from Israeli bombs and shells as not killing anyone. Words become meaningless when spoken by Big Brother.

Israel is a Colonial Nation – with the colonies being Gaza and other dabs of Palestinian open air prisons.

The Israeli PR talking heads have a blue print on how to spin war crimes. It is a secret book written by a U.S. GOP pollster for the Israelis to explain away all the dead Palestinian children.

Isn’t that just so special?


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