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The Israeli Army

At  certain points in the Israeli Army’s attack – mass slaughter really – I have wondered about the command structure of this ground force. The mass slaughter of families came after heavy losses by the IDF. The mass slaughter of whole families and targeting of U.N. schools seems like an emotional attack rather that planned. The Israeli Army actions are not reflecting the words of Leadership as the most moral army in the world B.S. (Or perhaps there is no real plan except to kill as many Palestinians as possible?)

Here’s a blog post by a retired U.S. Army officer who has first hand experience with the Israeli Army. There are few if any full time professional sergeants to keep the younger troops in line. What appears to be rouge unsanctioned emotional hits on civilian targets is most likely what is happening. The Israeli Government has gotten tricky and now is claiming that the hits are due to misfiring rockets from Palestinians – and when confronted with the facts that the bombs are from the Israeli Army – the Government responds and says yes the Army did fire on the school but the school was empty. The blood, dead bodies and injured were just made up by the Palestinians. Because the Palestinians have a pile of bodies and victims ready to go to Israeli bomb strikes. So we are to suppose that’s why ambulances are now a target?

If the Army is indeed made up of mostly semi adolescent soldiers raised on a diet of hate and racism then these made up immature stories are what we can expect to be repeated by Government spokesman.

Children, babies and civilians are dying because they are easy targets for the fully equipped and armed Israeli Army. There is no safe place to be in Gaza. Israel does not have the most moral Army. War is immoral.

We do not have to like or approve of the religion and culture of people in order to acknowledge they are human being. Palestinians are human beings. Israel is deliberately targeting civilians. Either that or the immature soldiers are hitting targets of convenience who happen to be mostly – children, babies and adult civilians.

The Israeli trolls are out in force (the comment section following the blog entry) – it must be easy for the trolls to hate and lie for their country.

Additional links and comments

Reckless targeting is a recurring problem, and the hand-wringing and words of regret no longer have any value. If you are making the same mistakes again and again, you would hope something is being learned,” she said, adding there was no sign of any disciplinary action for IDF mistakes that kill civilians. “There is no pattern of anyone being held to account, and impunity just leads to more reckless behaviour.”

This is the last paragraph from an article in the Guardian with questions and observations about the poor performance of the IDF. There is already ample evidence of snipers targeting Palestinian children with no accountability. What we are seeing is a pattern of behavior on a much larger scale.

Palestinian children throw rocks and the IDF responds with bullets. The ultimate goal is to turn the survivors of the current blood bath into refugees. Let them go elsewhere seems to be the motto of the whole middle east.


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