Israel on track to expel Palestinians

If the objective is to force out all Palestinians from the “promised land” then the Israeli leadership is meeting their goal. The less than human Palestinians must go – just leave – don’t care how you all leave – dead would be best. This is the message that Israel is giving the Palestinian people. Death after death. It is clear that the children are targeted – they have a bullseye in their bodies. The IDF uses children for target practice – why shoot children just walking? Sharp shooting assassination is deliberate like the two boys from a store’s video. This was just one minor incidence of deliberate murder and the shooter is never brought to justice. Paul Craig Roberts has a lot to say about Israel’s war on the Palestinians.

How about a side of genocide to go with the rest of the hate coming from Israel? This human being who happens to be Jewish wants the Palestinians removed from Gaza.

This chilling article by Martin Sherman, Head of the Israeli Institute of Strategic Studies, calling for Gaza to be ethnically cleansed of all Palestinians, should open the eyes of some of those who refuse to see that Israel is no longer a morally defensible entity. The 3,600 Facebook shares of this evil are evidence of how the madness of fascism has overtaken the citizens of Israel

(Craig Murray’s view of the Sherman article published on )

No wonder the U.S. Government faithfully supports Israel. The U.S. history of Indian removals and slaughter isn’t that much different from the way the Israeli Government is treating the Palestinians people. Hate. So full of hate are the Israeli settlers living on stolen land. No compensation is ever paid for the stolen land because their God gave them that land. The U.S. is as guilty of murders the IDF who are armed with the newest and deadliest weaponry. Hate. Hate is driving this massacre.

A little pissant of a Nation has too much power. A pissant religion of hate – read the Old Testament to find the reasons for the blinding and illogical hate that the ultra orthodox Jew are raised on. The modern IDF is following the genocidal script of the Old Testament – given to them by their blood thirsty God.

End Times.
The end of the world and the return of Christ begins in the middle east – the Jews must cast out the Islamic heathen. This is what the fundamentals evangelical Christians believe. There has to be a blood bath. It is necessary for their end of times fantasy to happen. I know I grew up listening to the passages read from the Bible to support the Jesus is coming mythology.

Chris Hedges writes in “The Christian Right and the War on America”.

“As long as scripture, blessed and accepted by the church, teaches that at the end of time there will be a Day of Wrath and Christians will control the shattered remnants of a world cleansed through violence and war, as long as it teaches that all nonbelievers will be tormented, destroyed and banished to hell, it will be hard to thwart the message of radical apocalyptic preachers or assuage the fear of the Islamic world that Christians are call in for its annihilation.”

There is no way that the genocidal attack on the Palestinians will stop as long as the Fundamentalist Christians and ultra conservative right wing in the U.S. fully support Israel. It will continue until the indigenous Palestinian population is driven from “the Holy Land”. Oh yes to make the pot even sweeter there is the huge gas reserves off of Gaza. After all the Jews don’t believe that end of the world crap.

Additional links and comments

Genocide. Happening. In. Gaza.

Ethnic cleansing.

How do we know that Hamas is firing the bottle rockets into Israel? How many rockets has the IDF confiscated? The IDF is in Gaza. How do we know that the IDF is not the ones who are firing the rockets giving the out of control more excuses to murder more civilians and children? We don’t know – because Israel has lied so often they can no longer be believed when they themselves are in possession of Hamas rockets. See twisted logic is a two way street. Very often those who yell loudest about cheating are themselves the real cheats. Redirection guilt and suspicion. Victim blaming is an art form. Blame women for being raped. Blame the dead for being dead. This is Netanyahu’s famous remark about the Palestinians offering up telegenic bodies for the world’s media.

Attack on yet another school/shelter. Israeli spokesman pulls out the usual misdirection – Palestinians do this to themselves. Since the IDF have a large supply of Hamas rockets – there is no longer certain proof of Hamas bombing their own or even Israel.

Support for the military operation among the Israeli public remained solid. A poll published by Tel Aviv university this week found 95% of Israeli Jews felt the offensive was justified. Only 4% believed too much force had been used.”

The only way this blood shed will stop is when third party steps in and disarmed BOTH sides. Any aliens up there observing this primitive world willing to uncloak and play diplomats to some hard core haters? Wishful thinking from watching too many star trek reruns.

The only innocents are the children. The children of Gaza and Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan etc. have seen too much horror in their young life’s.

Israeli Apartheid “more terrifying than South African Apartheid“. . .

Boycotts of South African goods and products helped to end the South African Apartheid. The South Africans who suffered under the Apartheid system recommend a world wide boycott of anything made in Israel. We need to write our Congresscritters to vote to end foreign aid to Israel. The American corporate media is biased in its reporting and opinion polls reflect the biased reporting. Just recently a jerk editor working for a major publication claimed a photo of one of the victims of Israeli mass slaughter were staged. Jerk editor had to take back his slander of the victims. The media editor is following Netanyahu’s lead. Blame the victims.

Boycott Israel. Peaceful way of sending a message. Vote with your cash. We really don’t have a lot of options. Bolivia has spoken out against Israeli genocide. Other counties have joined in calling Israel’s crimes what they are – crimes against humanity.


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