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Media bias

First a confession – I do not own a TV. I stopped watching network news over 10 years ago. I do watch video clips of a few news stories. YouTube often has news clips. I do read online news from many different sources and International news sources. I was overseas when Israel invaded and destroyed a large part of the Palestinian refugee camp Jenin. The U.S. media was very biased in favor of Israel. Israel always the victim being forced to defend themselves by the dirty and evil Arabs. If anyone dared to call the indigenous people of the West Bank – Palestinians – on a liberal political discussion board the trolls would hit hard. There is no Palestine and there are no Palestinians the trolls would claim. At the same time the PLO and other Arab political groups were condemned for refusing to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

At some point the radical Palestinian political militants (not an army so these organisation are difficult to name) started using suicide bombers. Many Israeli innocents died – including women and children. Most people in America were horrified are the random violence. NPR ran biographies of the victims. They all sounded like very nice people who died too young. The victims were humanized and now that I am much older and have watched how the U.S. media works I realized that these bodies were a major PR coup for the Israeli Government when they played the victim card and came to Uncle Sam for money and weapons. Suicide bombing was stupid.

At some point suicide bombing as a tactic ended. I don’t remember when – because I wasn’t paying attention. News readers found other topics and I wasn’t watching the talking heads anyway. I am an extremely fast reader and an excellent researcher – so finding multiple news sources gave me a better understanding of the facts and history of the current hot story. I like to see the big picture – how reporter in other countries cover the hot news stories. Reporters are our eyes – they tell us what they see and what is happening in the background. Most reporters are not neutral but when the reporter is up front about a particular bias we can still learn about the event being covered. Photojournalists are the bravest – going places to show us what is happening. We have lost so many of these brave souls. Israel has taken out several – demonstrating Israel’s distaste for the truth told in images of the dead, dying and injured.

The Israeli IDF attack on Jenin was an eye opening experience for me. International law was meaningless to the IDF. Civilians were slaughtered.

Access to health care and emergency medical services have been key issues throughout the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict, caused in part by the severe restrictions on freedom of movement instituted by the Israeli authorities since September 2000.

It is a fundamental principle of international humanitarian law that the wounded, sick, and infirm are entitled to particular protection and respect during armed conflict. Israel’s obligations to ensure medical access were succinctly expressed by Rene Kosirnik, head of the local ICRC delegation, in a press briefing in Jerusalem on April 22:

As long as Jenin refugee camp was occupied by the Israeli Defense Force, the first responsibility lies with the IDF to save lives. It is the responsibility of the force concerned to deliver services, to care for friend and foe. That is the rule.109

Israel, having ratified the Fourth Geneva Convention, is obliged to respect and protect the wounded, as set out in article 16 of the Convention; emergency medical personnel, as set out in article 20; and to permit recognized national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies to carry out their operations. During the period that the IDF directly controlled Jenin camp, Israel was also obliged to ensure that the civilian population had adequate access to food and medical supplies, as set out in articles 55 and 59. 110

The IDF incursion into Jenin began in the early hours of Wednesday, April 3. For the first day and a half, ambulance crews of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) had access to the camp. Some seven dead and twenty wounded were taken by the PRCS to the government hospital at the camp’s edge during this period. From the afternoon of April 4, however, the IDF denied the PRCS crews access to both Jenin city and Jenin camp. The government hospital was sealed off by two IDF checkpoints on either side of its main entrance.

The above quote is from Human Rights Watch.

Read the whole report – the IDF has played these games before. Reports have been written. Israel is an outlaw Nation. This is also a glaringly racist country. Witness the social media showing Jews viewing the bombing of Gaza like spectators as a 4 th of July fireworks event. Israel’s callousness really disappoints me. I expected a higher standard of behavior from the Israeli people. You were supposed to show the world that there is a better way. Jews are just regular common human beings after all. Israel has racist warts just like any other Xenophobic country. So sad.

One event I can not forget as a military brat. Israel deliberately targeted and attacked a U.S. military ship in 1967. THE USS LIBERTY. Israel is only our “friend” for as long as we serve them. At that time my father was active duty in the U.S. Navy aboard an air craft carrier off of Vietnam. Israel is only interested in Israel – any other nation is merely a means to an end.

What is now happening in Gaza has happened in Jenin. It was clear to me that most of the IDF did not consider the people living in Jen is as human beings. Why so much hate – on both sides. In that moment of time I could understand why the Palestinians hated the IDF. But why the unrestrained hatred by the Jews for the human beings living under the life and death control that Israel had over their lives.

Water is a major reason for wars in the Middle East. Israel’s war was over control of major well heads. In fact all the Jewish settlements are placed on or near major water resources. In the current battle for Gaza water tanks and resources are deliberately being targeted. In a story early in the Israeli attack there was a report of a Christian church sheltering refugees. The one thing that was targeted was the water supply for this church. This church was also featured as where the funeral was held for a Christian Palestinian woman, killed in her own home by IDF bombs.

The battle to rid Gaza of Palestinians is also a battle over natural resources. The huge gas reserves of off the coast of Gaza. The ultimate battle of a Xenophobic army. XIDF. (Xenophobic IDF – for those incapable of guessing.)

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