Take down of repugnant opinion piece

There was an essay in favor of genocide to end the Gaza problem once and for all. The hate filled article was on the Times of Israel. Due to the nature of the Internet the vile op-ed can still be found. This essay only supports what a majority of the extreme in Israel want. These are the ones who go out and cheer every bomb blast on Gaza by the IDF.

Israel your victim card privileges are here by revoked.

“Genocide is permissible” according to insane Times of Israel op-ed


Here is a link to the “Genocide is permissible” article on the Times of Israel.

There is also a claim that all the civilians are being killed in order to “save” them from Hamas. Does this mean that if the civilians kill anyone remotely associated with Hamas and all the Hamas who are sitting in Israel jails – then the people of Gaza can passively return to being non humans in the open air prison called Gaza? The conditions which bred Hamas will still be there. Israel as the overlords of the stateless population – collectively called Arabs. Sort of like the Native Americans who live on Reservations mostly in the West.


Unless the conditions that cause the uprisings by the Palestinians are improved then this cycle of violence will continue. Human rights are vital for all humans. That would mean that the women of Gaza would gain their human rights. What would happen if all women of Gaza were granted full human rights. Men would have to wait and would only have the rights currently granted women? I don’t really know where I am going with this. But something different has to be done. Israel continues to repeat the same mistakes – if only they could find a passively submissive political organization who would accept the law that only Jews are fully human. Is that what the Jewish people really want? Right now the politicians in Washington D.C. are bowing down to the powerful and just war being waged by Israel in self defense of those terrorists tunnels. Why can’t the subhuman Gaza creatures act like D.C. politicians?

That’s the ticket. How about a huge delegation of D.C. politicians go to Gaza and teach the subhuman there how to obey their masters the superior ultra humans who rule Israel? Just a bit of reeducation – campfire theme with singing. Good slaves teaching resisters how to know their place in the world.
/End Snark.

And the the Israeli claim that Hamas broke the cease fire also seems like a sham. As in any PR war we need to sit back and wait for verification from outside and independent observers.

Additional links and comments

Reoccupy Gaza? Go through every square inch and root out Hamas. So is this Netanyahu’s big plan?

Comment from the link above about the bright idea of cleansing Gaza:

Advocating the re-occupation of Gaza is bad enough (surely the “cleansing” language gives away the show here.) But what’s worse the the pragmatic punchline. After an incredibly bloody and destructive occupation of the Gaza strip by the IDF, we could reasonably expect…a more moderate Palestinian government? Can anyone possibly believe that? In fairness, he did say “hope for”; I guess we could “hope” that if Roe v. Wade is overturned congressional Republicans would vote en masse to repeal the Hyde Amendment and a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a woman’s right to choose, a result that is similarly likely to what Morris is asking us to consider.

Gaza and Soweto. Not that much different.

POW or kidnapped? Therein is the lying liar Israel exposed.

When my Dad went for a reality course in POW survival school. Getting captured was and is called POW. Prisoner of War. So the Israel propaganda machine is cranked up full blast and the messages are getting scrambled. The Israeli PR machine announces that a IDF soldier has been “kidnapped”. Anyone with a lick of military common sense can see that Israel is now hysterical. Message is off target. Finger pointing and the bodies of children are getting higher.

Who gains from the breach of this current farce of a cease fire? The 50 mostly civilians who are dead? Now Israel demands that a major hospital must be cleared so that the IDF can bomb this hospital. Where are these patients supposed to go? What about the equipment and medical supplies – which are in short supply due to the long blockade of Gaza by Israel.

Update on POW. Again the nagging doubts that the IDF is not being honest about this missing POW. One would think that had Hamas been responsible for this POW they would have been bragging. But what we see is the photo of this missing IDF soldier and Kerry mouthing the Israeli script blah blah. Israel is attention to refocus the media on the human side of the soldiers who are quite frankly in Gaza to kill civilians. Soldiers are humans – but is Israel repeating their old trick? I will wait and see. No bragging from Hamas no negotiating for a prisoner swap. More civilians are killed. Very strange. If it is a POW let us hope that the IDF’s enthusiastic slaughter of Gaza civilians doesn’t also end up killing their own. That would be so sad. Any lose of life because of war is sad.

The only “good” thing about Israel’s current war on Gaza is that a whole lot of people (myself included) who had no idea how truly awful life in Gaza – now know that Gaza is a massive prison. Israel has been given a free pass. It was easy – anyone who expresses even a hint of concern for the human rights of Palestinians is call anti-Semitic. Call people a name associated with the horrors of the holocaust – and that association by name calling – made most people turn a blind eye to the Genocide happening in Gaza.

No more. No more killing. Boycott Israel.

Racism as part of Israel’s war on Gaza and the Palestinians.

The nearly month-long attack by Israeli forces on Gaza has revealed that anti-Arab racism permeates many levels of Israeli society. Indeed, to acknowledge Palestinians as humans worthy of a state, a home and basic necessities such as medical care, electricity, food and water, would undermine the brutality of Operation Protective Edge

The Israeli blockade or embargo on basic necessities before the current war on Gaza was bad enough but as the bombings of the infrastructure continues the death toll during to disease will quickly surpass deaths due to bombs.

Racism and Hawaii – lessons to be learned – Aloha

Racism is learned. Hatred of anyone different is learned is taught. Antisemitism was something I only heard about. Mostly stories from the east coast of America. I was never quite sure why people were hated for their religion or race. But then I grew up in Hawaii in a different time. The civil rights movement didn’t quite make it to Hawaii. Not really needed – Hawaiians were working on solving that problem long before it became politically correct.

Although we did learn about the missionary Boy’s club and the racism of the U.S. military in their take down of the Queen of Hawaii. Basically there was a lot of tolerance of different races and cultures. The tolerance is obvious in the fact that the largest ethnic group on Hawaii is hapa whatever. Mixed race – in other words. Obama is hapa hoali or half white and half African. For Obama to be part of the mob support for the genocide happening in Gaza – shows his lack of core values.


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