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Ebola in Africa

This is a disease that nightmare or Horror fiction is made of.

With the ease of international travel should we worry? The link below has some basic information.

Ebola outbreak: What you need to know


There are some cultural components which help spread Ebola in Africa. Ebola “is transmitted through bodily fluids while the infected patient is exhibiting symptoms.” Some cultures in Africa prepare the dead for burial by washing the body. Also there is some resistance to the foreign doctors – although the health workers there to help – local people want to go to traditional healers.

The health workers are dealing with a mobile population. According to the article and news reports one American has died of Ebola while in Africa. He contacted the disease in Africa and then traveled by plane to another African city where he died. Health workers have contacted the disease and have died. Two health workers will be transported to Georgia near the CDC headquarters. These health workers will be transported in isolation pods and placed in isolation chambers in a hospital with staff trained to deal with highly infectious diseases.

There is NO vaccine for Ebola. WHY? Other than stupidity and perhaps racism – there is the problem that it costs millions to bring a approved vaccine on line. There is zero financial lure for major pharmaceutical corporations to be bother by humanitarian need. (Being snarky here but also telling the bloody awful truth.)

So why not spend some of the blood money being lavished on Israel on Ebola cure research? Take some of the massive billions of U.S. taxpayer money being dumped in Israel and fund the research to develop the cure for Ebola. It is only a matter of time before America could be dealing with some variation of hemorrhagic fever a.k.a. Ebola or a close cousin. Wars are a damned useless waste of money.

Diverting money for world health and disease prevention would be too easy. Saving lives is so boring. Finding new ways to kill people and demolished building is way more cool. The military industrial complex will lose too much money.  It’s probably too soon to invest in hazmat suits as a fashion statement.

World news and world events have interested me since my college years. Ebola has been in the news often. Each time I wonder is this the one that gets too close to home – is this the outbreak that will demand a cure?

Additional links and comments

Good news a vaccine for Ebola is in the works – trials with non human primates has been successful. So hurry up already! More news and updates at the link. We need to educate and inform ourselves. Fear mongers are already spreading disinformation.

Plane flies to evacuate Americans with Ebola


State of the art isolation rooms for Ebola patients.

How The Ebola Outbreak Became The Deadliest In History – http://huff.to/1zNNWTn

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