Gaza’s gas good enough reason

At some point in the future someone is going to write a historical novel – using human greed as the motives which drove the rich nations to rob the poor. But why read novels when we can watch the players in real time?

Is Gaza’s gas reserves the real reason for the ongoing massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. The final solution the occupation and ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

Israel destroying infrastructure in Gaza. Why?

More on who will own the gas of Gaza. This really reminds me of the U.S. history and the Native Americans.

There have been references to the gas reserves in articles but now this series is closer solid evidence that the terror tunnels and the evil Hamas are not the real reason for the massive attack on Gaza.

This attack by the IDF on Gaza is different from the others. Israel wanted to provoke Hamas (in the opinion of experts in the politics of the Middle East) – and then the deaths of the three sacrificial Jewish settle teens.
The Jewish people were worked up into a frenzy – looking for the missing boys – who were dead. The death was known and used by Netanyahu (censoring the news of the boy’s deaths giving him time to whip up mob hysteria.) Mobs and mass lynchings, using emotional manipulation to rile up a mob to murder or approve of mass murder by the military.

Continue this mob frenzy to watching the bombing of Gaza by the misnamed IDF. This whole scenario is plain old text book mob psychology. I took this course in college. Hamas is no longer the brash macho gang. Organizations grow up. We are told that Hamas wanted to make peace with other Palestinian political groups. Not surprising this is Mass Sociology 101 and Political Science. We are told that this peaceful coming together of Palestinian political groups scared the ruling Party in Israel. The political observes like Juan Cole and others have mentioned this Palestinian coming consensus.

Then we are told about the terror tunnels which are more economic than terror. Blockade busting tunnels.

Then another cease fire is announced and violated – the claim is a “kidnapped” IDF soldier. The word should be POW. This soldier went missing just before the cease fire according to unverified reports. Israel wants to censor or control the information on this POW. Which reminds many people watching this war of how this started in the first place – three boys missing. The press got wind of the truth early on but we’re censored from telling the truth. Israel is demanding censorship of New York Times articles on this POW.  Why? What does Israel have to hide now?

Something isn’t quite right with the story of the POW soldier. Something about the cease fire and then the slaughter of 50 Palestinians. Who benefits from the quick ending of the cease fire? If the true objective is full ownership of the gas reserves with Gaza’s Palestinian population being cut out of the deal – then this ethnic cleansing will end with full Israeli occupation of Gaza and quick development of the gas reserves. Israel will continue to sat Fuck you to the U.N. and Israel’s partners in crime will laugh all the way to the bank.

What a damned tragedy of historic proportions if the fundamental motive is greed!?!!!

Update 2 August 2014 – Who broke that 72 hour cease fire? Based on tweets from Gaza before, during and after the cease fire was supposed to begin – the social media evidence suggests that IDF was attacking in Gaza. One Twitter mentioned that a cease fire was supposed to be in effect but that weapons fire continued. Anyway read the article – which is fascinating in the way social media can be used reporting. Obama and Kerry, like good little lap dogs respond with Netanyahu’s talking points almost immediately without solid information. It would seem that the fix was in – the cease fire was to fool the world.

Update # 3 – from former diplomat now human rights activist, Craig Murray, who talked to his sources in Gaza. The cease fire was basically a farce from the beginning in my reading of this review of events as well as the link in the above paragraph. The cease fire did not extent to the IDF entering tunnels and killing whoever was there. Apparently the Gaza guys in the tunnels weren’t going to passively drop dead. So there was a fight. In line with the IDF’s orders of no POWs the Gaza guys were blown to bits along with this missing soldier that Netanyahu has gotten all emotional about. The narrative has now switched from the piles of dead Palestinian civilians and homes turned to rubble to the ONE IDF soldier and his photo. Odds are, according to those on the battlefield, is the IDF killed their own soldier via friendly fire. The new way of war seems to be elimination of POWs.

What I want is the truth. Finding the truth isn’t for lazy people. I have to rummage through a whole lot of lies and professional B.S. from both Israel and the U.S. media. Israel and Netanyahu have a track record for lying – therefore that source isn’t trustworthy. The U.S. media is biased and is largely untrustworthy. U.S. politicians have voted for the liar’s side and thus are in the untrustworthy column.
In other news – from my reading today

Ah and there are other international plots. That Malaysian flight shot down over Ukraine. Cannonfire blog has a good review of the who done it – theories.

The ISIS or Syrian rebels now trying to take Iraq. Dysfunctional Iraq still a mess from the forced democracy or whatever was happening over there where our tax dollars were shipped.

Libya – airplanes being blown up – empty airplanes on the ground.

One of Turkey’s male political Turkey tells women not to laugh in public. Is he for real?

The Christian woman managed to escape from Sudan. Good for her.

The dysfunctional GOP has left town. As in D.C.

So far we aren’t trying to kill each other – much. Crazies are still getting guns. Armed stalkers are killing their victims. Kids are getting shot in urban areas and gang members who can find guns. Kids find guns in their homes and shoot other kids.

But hey we aren’t in a life or death situation like the Palestinians in Gaza. But then it is our tax dollars paying for the slaughter of women and children – so that details shoots down my nice cozy around the campfire songfest – (simulated campfire due the the extreme fire hazard throughout most of the U.S. and the world.)


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