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Obama or Netanyahu?

When American voters went to the polls twice to vote for Obama I’ll bet you all didn’t realize you were actually voting for Netanyahu. Anyway it sure seems that way with ole Netanyahu bad mouthing Obama and Kerry for trying to engineer a cease fire. Well the nerve of Obama! Update – surprise the Israeli spies bugged Kerry’s phones. Not surprising since that’s what spies do. One would have though that Kerry’s staff would have a tech support person to keep the Secretary of State’s conversations secure. Or perhaps the plan was to keep the Israeli spies in the loop? Anymore we just don’t know so it is logical to be skeptical.

Very often I see patterns of behavior which leads me to believe that much more is going on behind the curtains. In the latest production on the world stage we have the U.S. and Israel doing their public dance. Israel murders inmates in shelters in the largest open air prison in the world (Gaza). The U.S. state department says shame on Israel – but keep defending yourself from the bad dirty terroristic Arabs. Then the U.S. sends a few million dollars of U.S. made bombs and killing stuff which will be used to kill more children. The pattern that I and others see is indeed how this dance is going. Glenn Greenwald’s latest called Cash Weapons Surveillance – goes behind the curtains to expose the deadly dance. Obama doesn’t give a damn about dead children on his watch neither do most of the D.C. based politicians.

There was never ever going to be a cease fire. Whatever was planned by Netanyahu we can only speculate. What we are seeing is a refocus on one IDF soldier who is either a POW or blown to bits by ‘friendly’ fire,  while ignoring all the civilians who were killed during the cease fire/non cease fire/ just kidding cease fire. That may have been the plan all along. Yes Mr. Netanyahu we can second guess you because you are already guilty of war crimes and lying. By the way you do realize that you are personally creating even more people in Gaza who hate you? If your objective is to create more resistance fighters – you are doing a remarkably good job at recruitment. I’d like to commend the fine job you Israeli adults are doing with your Israeli kids – nice job of turning out haters who bring popcorn to sit on a hill to watch the fireworks. Let’s not forget about the gangs roaming the streets of Jewish only towns looking for Palestinian servant on their way home from work. Thanks to the various forms of social media the world knows about crimes in the occupation zones.

Jeez guys how low can you go?

Lots of people know about the gas reserves off of Gaza. Those reserves could explain why babies are dying in Gaza.

I did not vote for Obama because he has no moral core. Anyone who can sit back and allow children to be slaughtered with weapons made in the USA and then eagerly opens up the bunkers so the IDF can get more bombs to send at more U.N. schools/refugee centers. Who the hell is the racist? Netanyahu and Obama sitting in a tree. Can’t tell them apart. The greatest crime is the slaughter of Children. Obama is an enabler of genocide.

Glenn Greenwald writes: ” President Obama, in his press conference on Friday, said ”it is heartbreaking to see what’s happening there,” referring to the weeks of civilian deaths in Gaza – “as if he’s just a bystander, watching it all unfold,” observed Brooklyn College Professor Corey Robin. Robin added: ”Obama talks about Gaza as if it were a natural disaster, an uncontrollable biological event.”

(Excuse me while I vomit.)

No I am not a supporter of Hamas – Larry Johnson (NO QUARTER BLOG) refers to the Hamas resistance fighters as bumbling and not all that skilled. The stupid and gullible Israels are being fed a line of B.S. – if only there were no Hamas everything will wonderful. What will fill the void if Hamas is exterminated? Hamas came about as an replacement, supported by Israel, for other more radical groups. How did that work out? As long as the current occupation of Palestinian land exists then there will be a resistance movement. That is not pro or con but just common sense.

Israeli official calls for concentration camp for Palestinians. Now the true goal and objectives of the ultra right wing Jews come out to play. Moshe Feiglin is sort of mangy looking. Put him in beat up clothes and in a line up and he would look like a Palestinian human being male. Unbelievable the Xenophobic rants we are hearing and reading.

This is what a mob looks like. A Jewish mob of Xenophobic Weanie waggers. There is also a group opposed to the war on Gaza. Our taxes at work!

Why Israel lies. (Because they can get away with lying.)

Amazing Obama as a mouth piece for Netanyahu. The question is then asked – should Barack Obama be required to register as a Foreign Agent for a Foreign Government?

Additional links and comments

This blog entry has been sitting in draft form for a few days. Then Greenwald’s latest reveal of the U.S. and Obama involvement in the current IDF genocide made me realize that I was wrong. In fact I am not being hard enough. We just do not have the money to support Israel’s genocide. We need our tax payer money working here at home. Mental health treatment centers for mental patients rather than using jails as holding cells for mental patients. To reform the system and treat existing mentally ill people will be expensive.

Universal health care
Cancer research
These are positive uses of our tax payer dollars.
Here’s another list of uses for the BILLIONS of our tax dollars being sent/spent on Israel’s genocidal wars.

Walk away from the racist haters in Israel. No more foreign aid for Israel.


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