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More war crimes

The IDF is again bombing another school in Gaza. No this isn’t about the school that was bombed a few days ago – this happened Sunday morning 3 August. At first I ignored the article in the Guardian, thinking that old news was being repeated over the weekend.

As I predicted the POW soldier story was a repeat of the three young Jewish settlers who were killed and their deaths were covered up by Netanyahu. The news was censored by Netanyahu. The IDF when through a farcical security theatre routine, pretending to look for the boys in Gaza, except that people died. Hamas was blamed and probably most Americans and Jews in Israel believed the lie.

The bodies were found and Netanyahu’s lie was quickly exposed. But the slaughter of Gaza’s civilians got worse and children and babies died. There can be no worse crime then the deliberate slaughter of Children. Genocide. War crimes to deliberately target a school or children on the street. Actually just about all of Israel’s actions in Gaza are uncivilized are war crimes. Hamas has also been busy in the war crimes department. Both sides need to answer for their war crimes.

The IDF guy probably died shortly before the ceasefire started (time of death or HOW the IDF/ government now knows that their soldier is dead). But the IDF and Netanyahu used his death to kill even more Gaza civilians. One soldier who had come to slaughter children – perhaps not directly – and Obama and other tools for Israel started singing the same song “barbarians return our soldier”. Demanding a dead soldier be returned.

Guess what? Hamas was telling the truth – in a statement widely reported a spokesman for Hamas said that they didn’t have a POW and that the Israeli soldier was probably dead along with Hamas fighters. It makes me very uncomfortable to realize that the bad guys were telling the truth and the supposedly good guys are consistently lying. Has it always been like this? If the supposedly good guys lie most of the time – how do we know when they are telling the truth? Human beings’ emotion are so very easy to manipulate. Netanyahu and his merry band of haters really didn’t have to work all that hard to turn Israeli Jews into a blood thirsty mob.

Israel did not and does not want a ceasefire. Netanyahu told Obama to STFU about cease fires. Like I said Israel is a pissant little country with a narcissistic psychopath in charge. The Israeli motor mouth leaders love to chant – the Arabs don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist. That is not the problem – all along the Israel Zionists have refused to recognize the Palestinian’s right to exist. Netanyahu screams about terrorists – well pot meet kettle. I would call what you are doing to Gaza and other to other Palestinian reservations meets the definition of terrorist.

The Hannibal directive – the IDF kills their own soldiers rather than allowing capture by enemy forces. This little bit of strategy shocked me.

Additional links and comments

Update – Netanyahu uses dead bodies to start his war on Gaza – the history. I really really hate being lied to. The U.S. politicians have been lying to use about Israel for a long time. If what I am reading is International spy thriller (rather than news of events in the Middle East) then the author would include a subplot about blackmail – the weaker country always gains control over the powerful rich countries and politicians using blackmail. This plot device goes a long why to explain human behavior and Political game play in.

Update #2 – Israel and not Hamas started the latest war on Gaza.

Update # 3 – two videos worth watching. The murder of Gaza’s children and the various reasons given for the continued dumping of bombs. These videos using footage of the mass destruction makes us look at the victims of the Genocide happening right now with our tax dollars. This is not about support for Hamas but support for the children in Gaza. Children should not be tortured and these children and babies have been tortured by IDF racist overlords.

Collectively we in America have ignored the sadistic torture of the indigenous Palestinian population by the IDF. Shame on us. Why are our politicians supporting genocide with our money. Cannonfire blog has been doing his thing – writing his blog and this is what I can do as well. The paid Israeli trolls might call us names, whatever what they are is worst the 80% plus support that Netanyahu makes him the leader of a genocidal cult. His followers were skillfully brought to a mob frenzy and now they are watching the blood sport of killing children and refugees in U.N. schools.

As the worm turns. Israel has responded to this most recent shelling/bombing of a U.N. school/shelter with their usual denial. There was shelling near by blah blah. So when the U.N. verifies that the deaths and injuries were indeed from IDF shells. The IDF will read the next card which says – that was our shells but the place was empty. Those evil Hamas brought in bodies blah blah.

The problem with blaming Hamas is that by now most sane people realize that the Hamas rockets can’t hit the broad side of a barn. The rockets are more like an irritant – a nuisance but not particularly lethal compared to what the IDF is using in Gaza. Apparently the U.S. has gifted the IDF with killer drones because there was mention of the constant sound of drones overhead. The drones could also be the small units equipped with cameras. The IDF wants to be accurate. Although that pin point accuracy claim has been exposed as another lie.

Also another problem with always blaming misfiring Hamas rockets is that now the IDF has a large supply of rockets. Others following the Gaza mess have noted who knows which side is firing the rockets – could be the IDF using rocket fire as a cover to up their kill totals by firing at Palestinians tightly packed in shelters. As one recent victim said – why go to shelters to die when they could just be killed in their home. Are we seeing massive human experimentation in creating learned helplessness? Certainly at some point people will be given an option to move to another open air prison – how many will leave?

The Palestinians are human beings. Israelis are human beings as well. But that basic biological truth can’t compete with generations of hate and xenophobia. The Abrahamic one male God religions are a danger to the world. Women and children are the primary victims in these wars. Weanie wagging war is what someone called this Gaza war on a news website comment section.

All that money flowing from the U.S. Treasury into Israel could be used here in America. Bridges crumbling. Water millions of gallons lost at UCLA because of ancient pipes. California and other drought plagued stats cannot effort to lose millions of gallons of water due to lack of spending on infrastructure. Save lives, get America back to work on updating and repairing our infrastructure at home.

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