Charlie Brown & Lucy & that football

The IDF used the Lucy switch play again. This is when Israel declares a cease fire and then as soon as the terrified Gaza population comes out of hiding thinking that for a short time they can grab a piece of the new normal. But no the IDF says never mind we did not mean ceasefire – we really mean fire at will. So the football held by Lucy is the promise of a ceasefire which the IDF Lucys jerk away and drop bombs on the population. Meanwhile the IDF has a celebration about winning their game of shooting fish in a barrel.

I wrote the following before this current ceasefire was announced and then broken. The pattern of promised end of torture for a short time was again violated by the deliberate murder of civilians. The message seems to be that the IDF is always waiting to kill anyone who moves. I thought the bait and switch of cartoon characters was a bit harsh. But the pattern of bait and switch is indeed real. This is so sad for the children.

The cartoon strip Peanuts was populated by characters that we all know are copies of the good, bad and ugly oh human nature.

Charlie Brown and Lucy and that ongoing gag about holding that damned football. Would Lucy really let Charlie Brown kick that damned football or would she pull the football just before Charlie Brown’s foot makes contact with the ball. Was Lucy a sadist? What does holding the promise of a good solid thunk wack just out of Charlie Brown’s reach say about her?

Lucy reminds me of the Israel’s promise of a ceasefire fire except that it really isn’t a ceasefire and civilians are murdered looking for bodies or trying to get food in the market. Hamas and Israel always blame each other. I’ll let the observers and watchers and people make the judgement calls proof and timing and all that.

In the market there was a photojournalist – it looked like he was a direct hit. Did the IDF use GPS targeting – are they using cells phones to target and to warn people. Perhaps the hits on citizens are targeted hits? If the U.S. share with the IDF one spook trick has been targeted hits us in the GPS in cell phones. We are supposed to believe the IDF calls a target and warns them to leave. That information is spooky.

So Lucy as the IDF holds the football called a ceasefire and the promise of the cease fire is jerked away from Charlie Brown the average ordinary human being who are the ones mostly dying.

The crime is the murder of the children. Killed while going out for sweets. This is what disturbs me most of all. Children in Gaza have been murdered because the IDF pulled away from the cease fire. Shame on the adults.

Additional links and example of the Lucy bait and switch by the IDF.

An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed to Ma‘an Sunday that residents of northern Gaza had been informed it was safe for them to go back to their homes. Asked why the army was continuing to strike the north, the spokeswoman said: “We never said there would be no activity in the north.”

The link for the above quote was found here. This is a long list of activity throughout the occupied territories. In one case Palestinian boys were being attacked by Jewish settlers. The Israeli cops come and also beat the boys who are then arrested. The boys parents are called and the cops demand that the parents pay a fine in order to get their children released. The parents demand that the settlers should be arrested. Oh sure like that will happen. Netanyahu certainly did a super job of awakening the mob mentality. The news clips all contain elements of racism – the aim of the right wing fanatical Jewish has always been to cleanse the “holy land” of everyone except God’s chosen people (Jews). Again returning to the Old Testament mythology to justify racism. The right wing Islamic fundamentalists also have their holy book and add to the racist mix the Christian right wing fundamentalists who use two holy books – the Old and new testament of the Bible to justify their – End Times mythology. And these three groups worship the same God?


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