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Lies and more lies

Economics has always fascinated me. Rather than a pure science, Economics shares more in common with Social science specialties like Psychology and Sociology. Economics uses statistics and there is that special language used by Economists – like any other college speciality. Some Economists can chunk down complex information into understandable bits of information. Other Economists like to mess with our heads. Like when is an imported item not an imported item. Would you believe an Apple smart phone? Sneaky Apple not only hides profits in off shore banks they use a wacky slight of hand to pretend their smart phones etc are made in the USA.

In other words, whether or not a US company is a manufacturer does not depend on its activity, but on its ownership of a brand name made for the company by a foreign manufacturer. For example, Apple iPhones made in China and sold in Europe would be reported as US exports of manufactured goods, and iPhones sold in the US would no longer be classified as imports but as US manufacturing output.  Apple’s non-manufacturing employees would be transformed into manufacturing employment. Clearly, the purpose of this statistical deception is to inflate the number of US manufacturing jobs, US manufacturing output, and US exports and to convert imports into domestic production. It is a scheme that eliminates the large US trade deficit by redefinition.

That is how Paul Craig Roberts explains how there seems to be statistical bump in employment but the bump is the export ah import which is really a magical teleport of iPhones. Manufacturing jobs have been exported – leaving a large segment of the U.S. labor force unemployed. Never mind because now everyone can become salespeople and sell American goods that are imported. However, Roberts points out that solid middle class stores like Sears, Penny, and Macy’s are closing stores and even the dollar type stores are having a hard time. Dollar General and Family Dollar chain stores are not in very good shape. Dollar Store is buying Family Dollar. The take home pay for employees who work at the Wal-Mart’s and Dollar stores is not middle class wages.

The middle class is very important because they are the real tax base of a economically stable country. Middle class are the main consumers. Paul Craig Roberts knows this as do other real economists.

But there is a growth industry in dismantling unions in America. Certainly all unions aren’t perfect but employees need a representative to encourage fair pay, fair working conditions etc. Middle class grew and that is what we need to happen – grow the jobs that produce more middle class tax payers.

Every sphere of Western existence is defined by propaganda.  Consequently, we have reached a perfect state of nihilism.  We can believe nothing that we are told by  government, corporations, and the presstitute media.

We live in a lie, and the lie is ever expanding.

Read Paul Craig Roberts article – there seems to be little truthful that our government tells us about employment or much of anything lately.

Who shot down the Malaysian airliner over the Ukraine? Well not exactly who Obama and SOS Kerry claimed shortly after the plane was shot down. I hate it when the supposed bad guy is telling the truth and our leaders are lying or covering up for bad guys. Flight shot down scenario shifts. Big rocket from the ground required to down a big commercial airliner at 33,000 feet. The rebels didn’t have the rockets and there is no satellite evidence that the big rockets were moved from Russia and then back again. The fighting force that has both the big rockets and the attack jets is the Ukrainian military. Currently The U.S. and Ukraine are best buddies.

Propaganda and the U.S. media – faithfully report Big Brother’s every word as gospel.

So will the sanctions against Putin stay in place? A valid question – will Obama and his gang hang onto a story where there is no real evidence to support Obama’s favorite scenario.

O. K. I’m mixing Economics and International politics with a taint of terrorism (maybe). So IF it was Ukraine and the motive was they thought they were shooting down Putin’s airplane – then would that be just fine with world leaders? Damn these guys are playing a whole different game then the rest of the world. Lies more lies on top of whopper even their mothers don’t believe.

Additional links and comment
Paul Craig Roberts has a thing or two to say about Obama, Putin and the Ukraine mess. Economics and war and the battle over resources have a lot in common. But I think the Ebola virus is harder to spread – unlike the flu. Cultural practices in Africa have a major role in the spread of Ebola. Contact with bodily fluids is how Ebola is spread. Preparing bodies for burial by washing, touching the body is how this deadly disease is spread. Medical workers use triple gloves, hazmat outer layers and masks. Paul Craig Roberts is correct – when our government lies so often about just about everything – how can we know if they are telling the truth?

The first Ebola patient brought from Africa to America is improving. There are reports that he was given the experimental new vaccine for Ebola. So I guess we can consider the first human trials of this new vaccine are underway. The second patient is on her way using the same isolation protocols. I believe that this is a positive development. The sooner this vaccine gets out into the field the better. There is still hope that this horrible disease can be brought under control before the health system in the infected countries is completely overwhelmed.

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