IDF rather uncivilized

As Gaza’s population return to their homes they can’t help but feel violated by the filth left behind by the IDF soldiers. This sort of behavior by the IDF soldiers isn’t new – it is standard behavior. Jenin Palestinians has similar reports of needing to clean up the filth left by Israeli soldiers. Hate makes humans act like uncivilized beasts.

For me it was the hatred shown by the IDF soldiers who occupied Palestinian homes in Jenin that made be realize that there were two sides to the occupied territories. Soldiers left filth behind in Jenin as well. Both sides hate each other and children are taught to hate. In spite of this there are peace activists who realize that the hatred is harming the children and killing the souls of the adults who cling to their hatred. Too bad Israeli mothers don’t potty train their children.

Israel’s military is not and has never been the most moral in the world. Not with the number of Palestinian children murdered by Israeli soldiers. Murdering children is the worst crime that adults can commit. The murder and deliberate injuring of children is an unforgivable crime. And yes the Palestinians have been guilty of this crime as well. But this time no Israeli children were killed. War is evil. But the long war that Israel has waged against the Palestinian people is also evil. The Palestinians are not pure – they have their share of crimes to answer for.

Perhaps Israel believes she can return to the status quo of death camps. Let the Palestinians rebuild so that Israel can use my tax dollars to destroy human beings and homes again? America needs a change of leadership and we need to keep the billions we send to Israel here at home. America must stop being Israel’s sugar daddy. We have filth to clean up in America. Vote the bad ones out.

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One major lesson Americans are learning is that there is a lot of hatred within the Islamic world. The ISIS are one radical sect of Islam and the ISIS forces are trying to eradicate all other sects. Geeze what a mess Bush and Cheney left behind for everyone else to clean up.

Ceasefire – or continued fighting? The sticking point is the Israeli blockade of Gaza. This has been going on for 8 years. Part of this blockade is the forced diet of limited calories by the Israeli Government. Also Gaza was not allowed to export – unemployment was high and is now higher. Seems to me if all able bodies adults were put to work rebuilding Gaza and working for the common good – a resistance force wouldn’t be needed. Of course there would still be black market goods etc. That is a way of life in the Middle East. After almost 2,000 deaths expecting the people of Gaza to become submissive would be a lie. Gazans seem to be very industrious and hard workers. Let them channel their energy in that direction. Hard choices.

Crazy world – I can see why my aunt keeps saying, “Jesus is coming soon.” That Sky God stuff again.

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Sadly the Israelis are unwilling to back down from their illegal blockade of the prison called Gaza. Cairo is the wrong place to hold negotiations between Israel and Palestinians. Cairo is not neutral territory. Seems like there are factions even more radical than Hamas who signaled the end of the cease fire by sending a rocket in Israel’s direction with Israel’s predictable lethal return fire which killed yet another child plus several others.

For this asymmetrical war to end, Israel’s sugar daddy needs to cut off the funding for this war and force Israel to negotiate. However, with the hardliners on the Israeli side and what appears to be another resistance group in Gaza just as determined not to return the the status quo, means a lot more children will die.

There was always the danger of another resistance group emerging when Hamas leadership began to age. This warning about a new stronger and angrier group emerging has been voice by many observers of Middle East politics. I believe that a U.S. military think tank weighed in with the question – what will replace Hamas. Originally Hamas was a replacement for the PLO. Now Israel is demanding the eradication of their creation. The replacement will not be made by Israel – the replacement is already firing useless rockets at Israel. This only feeds Israel’s bloodlust. Israel’s aim is to clear the “holy” land of non Jews. Because the sky God “gave” that land to Israel. The hardline religious right wing nuts in Israel and America want to see blood flowing in the Middle East.

Looks like the blood lusters win another round.


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