What is a friend?

The excuse given by U.S. elected leaders is that America supports Israel because it is our friend. Same “friend” who bombed the USS LIBERTY? That kind of friend? Or how about the Israeli “friends” who voted to sent President Obama a packet of Ebola virus? That is the most sickening thing I have read.

Readers of the prominent Israeli news site Mako have overwhelmingly voted in favor of sending President Barack Obama an envelope containing the Ebola virus for his birthday


That news goes right up there with an interview I heard with a Jewish woman in Israel after the 9/11 destruction if the twin towers in NYC. She couldn’t keep the excitement from her words as she said something to the effect of – now America knows what it is like. That clip has been played frequently – as it should be. Many in Israel have suffered from a blood lust to see Arabs exterminated. Not only the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

So let’s get this right – the U.S. sends Israel Billions of tax payer money and has sent millions so that the IDF can kill even more children in the biggest genocide shown live on TV and on social media. 48% who responds to a list of items for Obama’s birthday chose the most crude and disgusting item on the list which was a packet of Ebola. I’d label these idiots as terrorists for making terroristic threats against Obama. I didn’t vote for Obama but he does represent all Americans. So does this mean that anyone who shows any concern for other human beings and especially the babies and children who are dying – also deserve a packet of the Ebola virus?

Withdraw all foreign aid from Israel immediately. Shun the pariah Nation called Israel. Boycott Israel. BDS. No more investments in Israel – remove all funding. If it hurts the Jews who are working for peace – they above all others will understand. There can be no higher calling than to work for peace in a country with the majority in a blood lust.

Obama may be a two faced con man but he us still the President and is due respect. Israel is a piss-ant tiny country that was created by the U.N. Yes Israel has a right to exist – but so do the indigenous population of Palestinians. Hey all you blood lusting fools in the Middle East find a way to live together. Israel your greed and support for genocide has been unmasked.

A whole lot of U.S. politicians need to be voted out of office and you ass holes in Israel do not have a say.

War is evil – it turns human beings into mobs and monsters.

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