Here come the brides?

Once upon a time in TV land there was a television series called – here come the brides. “The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle”. Was part of the theme song. And yes the skies when they can be seen are indeed very blue.

There is a new version of “here come the brides”  – Islamic version 2014. First there is the ongoing kidnapping of girls from their schools to be wives and/or sex slaves of the radical right gang now terrorizing parts of Nigeria Boko or boo boo harem nutjob. Except that what this radical creatures are doing isn’t funny.

All the images we’ve seen of the ISIS are male nutjob in black pajamas with real manly type rifles hanging from their shoulders. The ISIS are now raging their way through Iraq, ripping apart religious shrines and beheading males. Right there I could see the parallel between the Nigerian Islamic nut jobs and the Iraq ISIS nut jobs. All those warriors are going to be demanding females – not that many women are willing. Probably there are a few female camp followers who will live until a nutjob male goes crazy with self loathing. The old cycle of needing the female but hating her. . .

Jezebel has a story about the online efforts to find wives for the ISIS warriors. (Excuse me while I vomit.) Now back to the sordid tale of depravity. There is this online community of women who apparently want their own sexy rifle – somehow not realizing that the male ISIS only want women for women things like for sex, making babies and cleaning up after the guys. The women will wear the full radical Islamic shroud like black head to toe covering. The women are wanted as sex slaves – frankly speaking. The ISIS males have already been murdering men and taking their wives to be used as sex slaves. The ISIS leadership realizes the only way to keep a fighting force is through promises of sex.

While SITE exaggerates the “constant encouragement” as the community itself is pretty tiny, it is true that the focus of the mujahida is not engaging in actual battle, but fulfilling the duties of a wife and mother. There is a a very romanticized view that some have (and have reblogged) of a fully veiled woman sporting an AK-47 fighting side-by-side with men, but that is plain wrong. Various Tumblr mujahida and purported mujahid repeatedly insist (presumably because girls repeatedly ask when they can get their own AK-47s) that women’s role in jihad is explicitly domestic


Women do not fight in the front lines—the very purpose of a woman journeying all that way is to get married. They cook for their husbands. They are meant to have babies and groom the next generation of Lions (a nickname for IS fighters). They feel blessed and have the utmost pride if their husbands die in battle. Maybe if their husbands have time they can teach their wives how to shoot. But aside from that, the actual fighting and the actual violence is left to the men


Silly silly girls thinking that they will find true love:

While these images of romance and marrying “freedom fighters” is cute and all, as Jamie Dettmer at the Daily Beast illuminates, at the end of the day these girls are merely seen as prizes for the fighters


But there is no question that extremist groups try to reward their fighters with brides, however they can be obtained. One obvious example elsewhere is the mass kidnapping of schoolgirls by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Islamic State has opened a “marriage bureau” in the northern Syrian town of Al Bab for women who want to wed jihadist fighters in territory they control, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based pro-opposition group that relies on activists on the ground for its information


Read the rest of this newest version of –  here come the brides.

Addition links and comments

Rape culture and war. Israeli war supporters and the mob mentality. After watching the video of war supporters and the chant, world and body language it was not surprising that rape threats are directed at Israeli Palestinians and at Palestinian women in general. Israel as the self declared most moral army – no just a mob filled with “hate for the other”. This is a phrased used often by those of us trained in their behavioral science fields.


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