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Peace is – what?

Peace on Earth? What does this mean?

An unarmed black man was gunned down by a police officer – again. In Missouri this time – but it could have been anywhere. Had the shooter been a civilian that person would be in jail. There are different rules for police officers – which is turning into a “them against us” law of the land. In  decade or two will we see the police living in armed compounds, going out only in cop car tanks. Is this country slipping into a science fiction horror world that we once though only existed in the imagination of writers and film makers.

The patterns are there, the similarities too obvious to ignore. What is happening in Gaza and the occupied West Bank is yet another horror film come to life. In the occupied West Bank a young boy was outside playing in front of his home, he was shot by a passing band of Israeli soldiers. This scenario is so common, only the victim and minor details are different. Two Palestinian teenagers are walking, in the same place, different times. Both are shot dead by sniper fire. What is different is that the murders of these two teenagers was caught on video, from a security camera installed by a business owner outside of his store. The murder of these two human beings came shortly before the supposed kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers. We don’t have all the facts and details to really know what actually happened. What we do know is that Netanyahu lied about when the teenagers were killed and where they were killed and who killed the teenage Jewish settlers.

The murder of the two Palestinian teenagers was mostly ignored. Death by sniper fire happens frequently and often the victims are children. Their crime is their race and where they were born. Each of these children have families – how many families are untouched by senseless death?

Apartheid in South Africa or the genocidal wars and campaigns against the Native Americans is often used as a comparison to the modern genocide of the Palestinian people. What is happening in Gaza is far worse according to Noam Chomsky.  Why should we care what happens in Gaza and the West Bank? A minor reason is that our taxpayer’s money is being used to finance the genocidal actions of Israel. But the real reason is that human beings are being killed as collective punishment for crimes that Israel claims happened. Do we really know the facts?

The Israeli war on the Palestinians is a war over resources – land, water and gas. The Palestinians, the Indigenous population, are in the way of Israel’s view that Jews are the chosen ones. Chosen by the one male God. If you listen to the Israeli war party’s justification for trying to evict the Palestinians they always fall back to – God gave us this land. That is no justification – religion or a mythological God is not a justification for genocide.

Speaking of genocide and remaining in the Middle East there is the massive killing machine called ISIS. These killers claim to have the only true religion which is  extreme form of Islamic Sunni. They can March in straight lines and in a military formation. They have leadership and seem to be well funded. One of their favorite methods of killing is beheading. From news reports we are told that thousands have been killed. The ISIS soldiers have given religious minorities the choice of converting or beheading. Forced conversion to the ISIS male Sky God. Again the real fight is over resources – land/territory, water and oil wells.

How is it that a huge armed and organized army can March out of nowhere and start taking over weakened countries? There are hints that ISIS comes from the rebels fighting in Syria. Fine. When did this rebel group find time to train? There is a lot in the back stories about ISIS that don’t add up. Which port was used to deliver all those Toyota trucks?

So here in America police officers almost always get away with killing unarmed black human beings. There are no numbers on how many of human beings are killed by police. Holding a toy gun in Wal-Mart – a toy gun sold in the store is reason enough for cops to shoot another black man to death. A white man can open carry a real rifle in a big box store and all we see are surveillance videos of a white guy with a rifle hanging from his shoulder. Racism.

Racism – the fact that the U.S. Senate and Congress voted to support the genocide happening in Gaza. But why did the Black caucus vote in favor of whatever Israel does in Gaza. The Black Agenda Report blog came down very hard on the “me-to” vote by the Black caucus. One would think that if any group of legislators could recognize racism it would be the Black caucus.

Peace is probably an illusion. A song that we hear at Christmas time and nothing more.


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