Disturbing similarities

In the occupied West Bank of Palestine a boy is killed in his front yard by a passing gang of Israeli soldiers. Nothing happens to soldier. Like so many similar murder by soldiers – this sort of human rights violation is ignored. Racism – sure plus religious extremists who support genocide of Palestinians. On an American street in the Midwest a black unarmed teenager with his hand held up, is gunned down by a cop. The execution of the black teenager was witnessed close up by another teenager. This witness account differs with that of the cop. I’ve read the witness’ account and the second hand sanitized account from the unknown cop. Of the two the teenage witness’ account is more credible. The teenager isn’t trying to cover his ass and he was in a life and death situation where he saw his friend gunned down by a cop.

Then one after other – unarmed black men are executed by cops. So far cops are getting away with shooting unarmed black men or using a choke hold causing the death of a black man in NYC. The death has been ruled a homicide by the Coroner’s office.

It is difficult to keep track of all the cop killing – the ones where the victim is unarmed.

The one that is getting all the news is the murder by cop in a small town near St. Louis. The thing that is remarkable here is the overt militarization by the local cops. These guys do not care – the cops are an out of control racist mob. They have assaulted and arrested news reporters. They have arrested a local politician who is bearing witness on location where the cops are rioting.

This extreme militarization of cop shops all over America has gone too far. Cops can break down doors in the Middle of the night and hold the occupants hostage. Apparently cops don’t have to follow the same rules that we civilians do.

I grew up on military bases. I lived on base during the early years of the Vietnam war. The bases were highly militarized during the Vietnam war years – getting on and off base for teens living on base was like entering another country. When my father retired I wanted nothing more to do with military bases or the lack of Constitutional rights. Yet as I have stayed away from the occupational forces on the U.S. military and the military no go zone- the military has a mission creep by turning most of urban America into a militarized zone filled with cops with little training. Cops now dress up as combat soldiers who’s duty it is to neutralize and subdue the enemy. Civilian -that would be all non cops and non military – are the enemy. This mission creep extents to the miss use of SWAT teams. Cops get the equipment to fight the war on drugs but not extensive training. The selection criteria and psychological evaluations are not being done. Individuals who panic and start shooting indiscriminately when stressed should not be given cop badges.

When is he militarization of the civilian police force going end?

What is the ultimate goal of arming and equipping the police for a war? Are we suddenly in Iraq or Afghanistan? Homeland InSecurity. Get rid of that. Local police forces and cops need to be psychologically evaluated, tested and retrained. The whole justice system needs to be overhauled. Either that or bad cops are here to stay and cops will continue to make up laws and ignore human rights. The death tally will continue to raise as cops protect their own and few will trust the militarized police forces of America.

Note that the raise of the militarized police force came post 9-11. Cops are being armed for war. Perhaps the wrong personality types are being selected to be cops? How are potential cops tested? What about the leadership in the cop rank? Perhaps what is happening in Albuquerque, New Mexico isn’t a strange aberration – that would be the high per capita death by cop. Many of the victims have been unarmed.

Mental illness or the mentally ill seem to be another favorite target of the killer cops. L.A. California has had another one of those cops shoot unarmed mentally ill man. People are getting angry about cops driving around and then targeting locals to pick on. A community based police force might be more knowledgeable of local eccentric persons. Driving around looking for a target seems to be one of the factors in several recent cases of death by drive by cops.

Now if the militarized police forces are indeed learning from the IDF – could it be that urban areas will employ snipers to target certain populations? I’m just speculating about the next logical steps in the militarization of the cop shops in  America. I really don’t like the dehumanization of civilians of color that is happening in America.

Additional links and comments

Link to an article about how the militarization of police departments are wrecking havoc on innocent Americans.

Eyewitness account of police riot in Ferguson, Missouri where unarmed teenager was gunned down and executed by a cop. The militarization of the police force as well us poorly trained and racist cops is on full display. The press is also under attack by the cops. This is why I call this a police riot. The parallel I see between what is happening in Ferguson and Gaza is obvious to others and mentioned in this New Yorker article. The major problem is lack of leadership on all levels. Cops who are poorly trained. Any cop who is a racist should be fired. Some of the cops have made racists remarks. That the cops are lying is a foregone conclusion. The difference this time is the street reporting and videos from news reporters and citizens alike. Both are reporting what is happening. The fact that cops are over armed and treat civilians as the enemy is an image that will not go away any time soon.

That fella in the White House is really just another white male. He has no real concept of what it is like growing up black in America. That white guy grew up in Hawaii where the majority are of color, mixed race. Leadership from the White House? Joke – is a joke.

Another link with photos.

Among the other tactics officers repeatedly used were rubber bullets and a high-pitched siren to drive away protesters. The guardian observed one individual with the “hands up, don’t shoot” refrain that has come to define the protesters shot several times with rubber bullets by officers before he fell to the ground. When he did, several officers pounced on him, according to the Guardian.

Another link about the lack of leadership from the generic white guy in the White House. This link is not working – the full article is on the front page of the firedoglake blog.

If law enforcement continues to maintain what looks like a military occupation, the environment will remain ripe for violence


House Dem Readies Bill To Demilitarize Police – http://huff.to/1BhA8lS

John Lewis: Declare Martial Law On Missouri Cops – http://huff.to/1Bh99qy

Protesters Say Ferguson Feels Like Gaza, Palestinians Tweet Back Advice – http://huff.to/1BhUICz

Ferguson Police Look Like Forces In These Conflict-Filled Countries – http://huff.to/1Aio2HB
Good job Huffington Post – pictures are indeed worth a thousand words. The link goes to a series of photos in those other countries with a matching photo showing the cop riot in Ferguson, Missouri.
This Police Violence Is Happening On The Streets Of America – http://huff.to/1AgwwPr
One of the photos is of journalists fleeing a Ferguson cop attack. The cops were treating everyone as the enemy. This country is close or has crossed the line towards a fascist dictatorship – the cops in Ferguson are already there. Police violence like this is and should not be considered not normal behavior.

We know that cops were out of control and that THEY were the ones rioting – especially when the parallels between Gaza and the occupied West Bank can be seen clear as day. We know that the cops in Ferguson have a occupiers mindset when they arrest and insult news reporters. Huffington Post is giving very special attention to the militaristic behavior of the cops in Ferguson.

Protesters Say Ferguson Feels Like Gaza, Palestinians Tweet Back Advice – http://huff.to/1BhUICz

What is obvious to me will be oblivious to those who have the cognitive capacity to see patterns of behavior in different cultures. We are all human beings and we all have the capacity to hate and to be xenophobic. A cop started this violence in Ferguson, Missouri and cops are making it worse. Cops are trying to silence the press. The press is our eyes and ears. The cops are trying to silence the people so that the cops can continue their fascist riot and dismantling of our Constitutional rights. People of color are in the front line of this war on citizen civilians human rights.

What is happening now in Ferguson and other police state zones will spread. The idea that this couldn’t happen to you is wrong. The cops are trying to take out the press – the news media and this has to be stopped. The government started the militarized police force and it is up to the legislature to put a stop to government funding of the militarization of police forces nation wide.

Internationally the U.S. Government must stop funding the military and civilian police forces in other countries. Everything is related. Arm cops for warfare and civilians become the enemy. More guns to civilians isn’t the answer – the cops and military will always out gun the civilians.

Civilians need to take back their government peacefully. Vote out all politician on all levels who support and help fund the militarization of local cop shops. Find out about the politics of your local sheriff and all other law enforcement types who are elected. Does the local elected prosecutor investigate victims killed, or injured by cops without bias? How many killer cops are still on the job where you live?

Not everyone is innocent because when local citizens come out and protest the shooting of an unarmed human being – opportunist from other places will flood the hot spots. We saw this during the Watts riots in L.A. That riot was started by cops as are most riots. During a time of civil unrest – this is when we see which cops are well trained and have the psychological temperament to behave as a thinking human being rather that a non thinking member of mob action.

After all these years between the riots in L.A. and today one would think that the selection of cops would have advanced. But no – here we go again. Bad cop kills unarmed teenager (walking while black) and the cops in Ferguson are more worried about giving cover and protecting their bad cop. Which does suggest that all the Ferguson cops are guilty by association and by their riot against the citizen protests in Ferguson. Racism is on full display – even by that white fella in the White House.


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