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Ferguson MO and trouble

The press is taking a closer look at the Ferguson PD and prosecuted and what they are reporting should not be happening anywhere. Third world bully cops where terrorizing the citizens is commonplace – this is the story that is emerging.

Then a real combat veteran takes a look at one the weapons in the cops hands and on their bodies. This particular cop was ready and over equipped to go into battle with ground forces of the ISIS in Iraq. These are cops dressed to kill not combat troops in some foreign land. This is the militarization of police by the U.S. Government. It is a good thing that the press was on the ground watching the cops – I would hate to even imagine the blood bath a full blown cop riot would cause.

To make it worse, the cops are being over-equipped. I was a soldier. I was in an invading army. The cops are often more heavily armed than I was. Yeah, I had access to a lot more in the way of support. We had some belt-fed light machine guns, a .50 Cal, and a Mark 19 Automatic Grenade Launcher, as well as being able to call for Artillery, Cavalry, helicopter gunships, and “fast movers” from the Air Force, but on my person I had 7 magazines, for a total of 270 rds of ammunition


Some of the cops in the pictures in the #Ferguson photostream they seem to have at least that many mags, as well as a second weapon. Think about that; every one of those cops seems to have at least 270 rounds of ammunition. If you have only the twelve cops in this photo that’s 3,240 rds of ammunition. How many people do they think they will need to shoot

? [Link for the two quoted paragraphs.] 

The prosecutor in Ferguson should be removed. Recommended reading – both the article and the comments where I found the links by the veteran, quoted above. One video I watched last night showed the cops in full riot. The cops were the aggressors. The crowd was armed with cameras and cell phones recording the cops shooting tear gas at a peaceful demonstration.

No wonder some cops go berserk when citizens use cell phones or cameras to record cops. The cops of Ferguson are seem like they are rejects from third world cop shops. In one case the wrong man was arrested and then assaulted by Ferguson cops. The victim was then charge with getting blood on the cop’s uniforms. Blood caused by the cop’s beating an innocent man.

Now it seems that the cops are trying to justify the execution of the unarmed teenager, Mike Brown, because he was supposedly the prime suspect in an armed robbery. Lies, lies and more lies from this cop gang. This reminds me of the Netanyahu lies about the “kidnapped Israeli teenagers” which was used as an excuse to bomb the hell out of Gaza. When caught in a lie – tell an even bigger lie. Mike Brown was never the “prime” suspect. This story was made up, long after the fact by the dirty cops of Ferguson. Several people have pointed out that the video of the robbery shows different foot wear. But the cops were too dumb to notice that little detail.

Dirty cops in Ferguson. Investigate the whole gang and get rid of the rotten ones, starting with the police chief who is covering up for a cold blooded murdering cop. The cops are linking the dead boys name to a crime he did not commit. Plus the murdering cop did not even know about the robbery. This seems like a case of a white cop driving around looking for someone to beat up. It will be interesting to watch the cops continue to lie. Once the lying reaches this level the liars can’t stop lying. These cops are probably sitting around, eating doughnut and thinking up more lies.

Meanwhile the fella in the White House dances the night away. Oh he’s on vacation.

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