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If it quakes like a duck

For many of us who have been following the IDF’s attacks on Gaza and then switching to view the video feeds of the militarized police force of Ferguson, Missouri armed response to a crowed armed with CAMERAS we can’t help but see the damned duck.

Turns out the Israelis trained the Ferguson cop force because Homeland security thought that the bozos in Israel who drop bombs on civilians were experts at crowd control. That would be crowd control of collective punishment and kill the civilians and press — IDF brand of crowd control.

Here’s an article from 2011 about the Israelis training US cops.

It feels to me like the cops of Ferguson were trying to make an already situation worse. The cops wanted to bring out their shiny new toys to use on a group of unarmed protestors. Or shall say armed with cameras. There are hundreds of hours worth of video and stills of the cops of Ferguson action like the IDF in Gaza.

When the military tactics look similar that’s because they are similar.

Homeland InSecurity has got to go. Also how about dual passport holding individuals who are in charge of Homeland inSecurity like that nutjob during the Bush/Cheney reign.

For the nutjobs out there who think and say — “Well that is happening to the, you know, ah, African Americans and that doesn’t really count. Everybody knows that they are all bad anyway. Doesn’t the Bible say something about Black people being evil and all?” That quote is pretty darn close to what I’ve heard from Religious Right folks. 

I am so sorry that so many people have had to die before people are shocked that the bad stuff that is happening in third world countries is happening here.

The change of command — bringing the Head of the Missouri Highway Patrol is a welcome change. Now keep that dumb ass Police Chief of Ferguson away from open mikes. Better yet put that old gas bag in a cell. Everyone in the chain of command who was involved with and dismissing the crime of the cop, who executed the teenager while his hands held high showing that he was unarmed,needs to be put in jail. The patrolman who did the shooting, his immediate superior officer and on up the chain of command to the windbag Police Chief.

Israel training US cops before the Occupy protests — so if the police response looked like a coordinated military response — it was. We will see more of the militarized police force response more often unless the breaking point has been reached and the media continues to hammer home the point — that we the people are not the enemy.


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