New top cop in charge in Ferguson

The head of the Missouri highway patrol has been put in charge in Ferguson.

Big difference according to reporters tweeting from Ferguson.

Leadership. Makes a big difference. The current police chief of Ferguson is a perfect example of what cops in command should not do and should not say.

New Police Commander In Ferguson Marches With Protesters –

The LA Times report that largely repeats the police chief’s opinions of what happened. The head cop had more sympathy for the murdering cop than the victim or is family. There are two eyewitness accounts which do NOT match up with the official cop version. The LA Times did not give a balanced report. Poor little executioner cop says his face was injured. (That happened when the cop reached through the window to grab Mike Brown’s shirt.) Cop tries to pull Brown through the open window and Brown tries to pull away. What sort of police trading do the have in Ferguson? While the cop is holding Brown’s shirt – the first shot is fired. The first eyewitness sees the blood and sees his friend turn away. The cop is claiming that Brown is trying to get the cop’s gun. (This cop version is not credible.) Both eyewitness accounts have the cop getting out of his vehicle and continuing to fire. The autopsy will determine how close the cop was to Brown when he shot Brown that first time. Mike Brown was unarmed and the cop was the aggressor. This happened in broad daylight and in front of witnesses. That cop should have been taken straight to jail.

There was no excuse for this to happen – this whole episode was an abuse of authority.

As the stories are filled it is easy to see which reporters and news outlets are too busy to do their jobs. L.A. Times is guilty of lazy reporting. The two eyewitnesses are more credible than the Ferguson Police Chief. Could it be that the police chief is white and the eyewitnesses happen to be of color?

Why was the body left on the sidewalk in the sun for four hours?


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