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Home alone car gets in trouble

The car in question is completely innocent. The guilty party is the spy cameras and software used to read car license plates. These stupid programs can’t tell the difference between some numbers on license plates. I’ve read stores about innocent drivers being pulled over and facing cop’s guns – because the cops are too lazy to double check the license plate numbers. The offending numbers were 1 and 7. Stolen Cars with similar plate numbers but DIFFERENT make, model and year than the wrong car pulled over making the computer error very obvious. In San Francisco a woman was pulled over, pulled from her car and left face down on the pavement. The stupid cops were unwilling to admit that their fancy computer spy program made a mistake.

Now for the innocent little elderly import car, home alone while everyone was off on long trips. This little car got tagged for skipping a toll booth. Car’s owner comes home and asks the car if the new self driving Google computer was installed so that the little car could go off somewhere on vacation. No Google computer was found anywhere in or on the little car.

The next target to take the blame had to be that commercial spy software that is being sold to cop shops and state governments. The tag readers with known errors. Humans can’t be bothered to double check for errors. After a short call to phone number on the ticket and reminding person answering the phone about the  known computer errors — human looks at photo. Why yes the computer can’t tell the difference between an 8 and 0 (zero).

So now we already know about the 1 and 7 errors. Now we learn that there are two more numbers that the computers have trouble distinguishing between. How many people are going to die because of computer errors and trigger happy cops. Not to mention poor innocent cars left all by themselves being blamed for skipping a toll booth. Dumb ass computer programmers. Dumb ass governments for buying faulty equipment. What about people who travel? Poor little home alone cars will be blamed for another car’s sins.


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