Not to forget the mentally ill

What is it with the trigger happy cops taking target practice on unarmed teenagers and the mentally ill. Arizona is not a good place to be if you or your loved ones are mentally ill. Actually there are few places in America where cops are trained how to deal with anyone who is mentally ill.

The latest case of cops taking target practice on a mentally ill human being is Phoenix, Arizona. Cops are called to an apartment to ‘deal with’ someone who was mentally ill. She came at them with a claw hammer and so the cop did his required target practice on a mentally ill person. There are non lethal methods of dealing with mentally ill when they are having a psychotic episode. How many times will execution continue to be the SOP in dealing with mentally ill? Of course this ass hole cop will get away with murder. That’s the mental health treatment plan in the U.S.. Jail or shoot mentally ill human beings because they are the disposable ones in this primitive backwards country.

There are a lot of things wrong with the U.S. at the top of the list has to be the cops attitude that civilians are the enemy. Shoot first and then make up stories about why it was necessary to keep their shooting skills up to date. More than likely the cops have a book of ‘justifications’ for target practice on minorities and crazy people. The psychopaths have taken over the asylums and the asylum is America.

Mental health hospitals and enough beds for critical long term care. Oh hell no that money is being sent to Israel so they can continue their long planned genocide of anyone who isn’t Jewish living on land their sky God gave them. Cut the funding to the racists in Israel and spend that money here at home for treatment and care for mentally ill who live here in America.


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