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Segregation, racism and misuse of authority

There was a standoff in Nevada – WHITE ranchers. Some are calling this gang the Bundy gang. No humans were shot and the gang leader is still strutting around sounding tough and talking tough. Thing is Clive Bundy is still alive and he was insulting and back talking law enforcement authority. To some cops failure to immediately submit to cop authority is enough reason to beat someone to death or to execute a human being. (Especially if you happen to be black.)

There was a confrontation between a BLACK unarmed teenager and a WHITE cop. Teenager was executed by the cop. The teenager’s “crime” was jaywalking. The cop as judge, jury and executioner – acted on his own. This happened in broad daylight and in front of witnesses. This didn’t happen in Gaza or the occupied West Bank where child playing in their own front yard are executed by passing Israeli soldiers. This execution of an unarmed black teenager happened in Ferguson, near St. Louis, MO.

Ferguson cops have a history of racist behavior. This cop shop is rotten from the top to the bottom.

The execution by cop is the issue. The issue is this execution by cop was not the first time this happened. In fact another unarmed black man was executed in L.A. after the cop in Ferguson executed an unarmed teenager who had his arms raised over his head in the Universal sign of surrender. So could this also be called a war crime? The white cop shop of Ferguson is at war with the black citizens of Ferguson. The issue is the number of execution by cop carried out in too many states. The issue is the militarization of police throughout the U.S..

The cops in Ferguson are trying to change the narrative. The head cop in Ferguson is trying to muddy the waters by building a justification for the murder of an unarmed teenaged who was shot to death while he had his arms raised in surrender. The Police Chief is the one who needs to be fired with no pension. He is the one in charge and he is the one in charge of the training or lack of training. Hiring of and cops – blame the Police Chief. His cops reflect his bad leadership and inability to select non racist cops.

The cops are at war with citizens. What other reason is there for the massive show of force and intimidation of the media by the cops in Ferguson? The poor and minorities are living in ghettos. If ghetto population object to bring treated as less than human – they are told that they are at fault and lazy. Eventually the victims get angry when a line is crossed. Leaving the body of the dead teenager on display was most likely one of the triggers that brought out the protesters. In turn the crowds made the cops riot – mostly because they wanted to play soldier.

Cops are at war with civilians. Civilians are the enemy and being treated like the enemy. People in Ferguson are being arrested for sitting in their own cars in the own driveways on their own property. Blame homeland InSecurity, and the War on drugs and militarization of American cop shops.

My dad and many other veterans do not need to play dress up soldier. Real soldiers who have been to real war zones and have been in real battles wouldn’t be caught dressed like fools.

Someone needs to inform the old farts on the Supreme Court that racism (and sexism) still exist in 21st century America. Another execution of a black unarmed teenager by a white cop is just one more statistic proving that America has  Long way to go to reach equality for all.

There is a lot wrong in America from Clive Bundy’s gang in Nevada who has been stealing from tax payers (not pay in grazing fees), to cops executing mostly Black human beings. Cops are given billions of dollars worth of military equipment which makes the cops want to play dress up like a warrior and threaten unarmed protesters.

Additional links and comments

The Pentagon is preparing for mass civil disobedience (that the cops intentionally trigger, perhaps?)

Ferguson puts the spotlight on militarized police forces. (And how that can go so wrong in the hands of a racist police force.)

Give Senator Rand Paul full credit for speaking out AGAINST
the militarization of the civilian police forces in America. Way to go Senator Paul! In the comment section it was noted that Senator Paul’s position is in line with his Libertarian values.

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