Racism then and now

The South has long been associated with racism – after all there was the civil war and lynchings. That was then our country has grown up and we don’t do the racism thing anymore. Right? That’s what some old white guys who wear robes are telling us. But I don’t know what world these old white guys and an Uncle Tom are living in. Racism is alive and well in America. Cops are waging war against African Americans just like the IDF is waging a racist war against Palestinians. But in America some argue that this war is class warfare. Witness the biggest supporter of racism and classism – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who sides with the ultra conservative right wing of the Supreme Court. The black guy of the Supremes.

The statistically evidence of current racism has always been there for anyone to see.

The evidence of racism is in the news far too frequently – unarmed black man killed by cops.

In the current outrage happening in Ferguson, Missouri, the murder of Michael Brown is outrageous. Unarmed teenager shot with his hands up. The cop who executed Michael Brown is in hiding while his buddies are busy thinking up excused so that the victim can be found guilty in the press and by potential white jury members. Of course I don’t have proof for the conspiracy claim, I merely judging the public behavior of the cops. Cops who refuge to install dash cams or wear body cameras. Nothing that murdering cop can be believed. While I know that all cops are not bad. The bad cops are making all good cops look bad. In Ferguson, MO all the cops are just plain dirty cops. The evidence – their soldier costumes and behavior while shielding a murdering cop.

Example of a bad militarized cop who sees civilians as less than human and who is also a racist pig. This creep should be fired.

When cops consistently get away with murder no one is safe. If you are a black male then you are even less safe. The statistics show a racial bias in lop sided numbers of people murdered and in cops going to jail for murder. In Ferguson it is the cops who are rioting. Projection – at least on cop was reported calling the local protesters “beasts” and worse. The cops are projecting onto the protesters the behavior that the cops are displaying. Militarized cops who consider their enemy less than human. To become a killing machine killers give up some of their own humanity. Cops get away with murder because there is no oversight of cops. Cops judge cops and except for a tiny minority of cases – cops find murder by a fellow cop to be justified.

Some cops abuse their authority by raping women. Most cops get away with rape because their victim are too threaten and frightened to report the rape to the the cops fellow cops. This fact is why the victimization of black men by cops is something I relate to. Women need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. We look around and spot the potential threats. Since most cops are male they out of necessity are classified as potential threats. This is the world misogynistic world we live in. India is even a more hostile place to be female. In America the culture of racism today makes it dangerous to walk while black. Although seemingly off topic cops raping women while on duty – victimization of the “other” by cops means cops know that civilian law does not apply to them.

Now the poor little cop guy who murdered the unarmed teenager is claiming he was injured. At this point can he be believed at all? How about another cop hit him so he could make the claim that the very large black man hit him first. Liar. Link to the post which exposes this story as a made up story by a discredited bloggers.

The witness saw the cop reach out of the truck’s open window and grab the teenager. Truck’s partly opened door could have bounced back and hit the little scared cop. So scared cop assaults teenager and gets hit by his own cop truck door. Cop gets pissed so he empties his gun into the unarmed teenager. This was done by the little pissed off and enraged scared cop who was determined to murder the teenager. Why isn’t the cop in jail? Where are the results of the blood work on this cop? Was he drunk or on steroids or any other drugs? This case reeks of cover ups and lies from the cops from the beginning. No dash cam indicates a form of premeditated murder. The case for full premeditated murder would be the final head shot to the top of the head. Little white cop shooting big black teenager in the top of the head – murder. But the racist will find excuses for the physical evidence of bullet to top of the head.

When cops can get away with murder and attempted murder even children and babies are not safe in their own beds. So yes Racist America it does matter that cops are given a license to kill along with their badges.

Then there is Georgia where a typical dumb ass gang of cops get all dressed up in their SWAT outfits to fight the article on drugs. In this case the enemy was a baby sleeping in his crib. So the Bastard SWAT gang tosses a flash grenade into the baby’s crib. The injuries from this war surplus grenade were life threatening. The baby was put into an induced coma. This child will need years and many surgeries. Will the dumb assets pay for their incompetence? Georgia dipsh#its say nope they are not going to pay. So it is lawsuit time.

The cops and their handlers continue to push the boundaries. When a child and his family are targets of a SWAT team for a minor drug offense by SOMEONE else who did not live in that house – the cops claim they did not know children were in the house – these cops crossed a line. CIVILIANS are not the enemy. We are all at risk from berserk cops who are so out of control that not one of the jerks saw any of the obvious signs that CHILDREN were in the house. These cops must have been trained by the IDF. No joke that really is what has been happening. Do a Google on that subject. See for yourself. Don’t believe me – do your own research and be informed. Be aware that the next target of the cops could be you and your friends. Cops make money for their cop shops by writing tickets and jailing people and fining people. Cops have an incentive to go after all civilians – even on bogus charges.


Additional links and comments

Eric Holder, Barack Obama and Clarence Thomas are all members of the same Fraternity. Marcy Wheeler as a detailed review of Eric Holder’s statement. Her words are best rest in a quiet room. Holder ain’t black he is just another privileged male who wants to keep the status quo.

Who is in charge in Ferguson? More members of the press are arrested and jailed – after being shot with rubber bullets. Link to account of arrest and night in jail.

Perhaps what the two reporters got was an even deeper story. At some point the victims refused to be abused any longer. The yoke of learned helplessness is broken and some victims will stand up and say – no more beating no more treating worst than sub humans.

Hermsmeier and I got out of jail this morning. None of the other people who are still there, as far as I know, work for well-funded, high-profile media organizations. Few are white. The concerns these men raised—and the intensity that they have for this moment in Ferguson—runs very deep. Several cited the disproportionate number of traffic stops of young men of color as a specific problem. On a more fundamental level, their grievances centered on a perceived lack of respect from the police sworn to protect their communities, a sense that anything could be done to them and nothing would be done in response. One young African American man from the area positively beamed at being arrested for a cause; he likened it to going to jail with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Not a single one of these men, through our hours of conversations, expressed any desire to let up. This will not end soon


Holden is a jerk.

The question remains – who is calling the shots in Ferguson? There is a Fusion Center in St. Louis. Could it be that the data collection and spying on citizens is being used in Ferguson to keep the servant class in their place? What is the real purpose of the Fusion centers and the militarization of the police force?

The right wing lies about killer cop being “badly beaten” continue even though the source for the lies has been proven to be a big fat liar. Fox news says – without verifying the source. Note on the link about there is a photo of Darren Wilson strutting around his kill. No evidence there of the killer cop having claimed injuries. I’m sure learning which new sources are racist liars.

Reminder the autopsy done by a top ranked pathologist found no injury on Mike Brown to suggest that he had been in a physical fight with his killer.


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