Police continue to riot in MO

This news item. Cop raid church in Ferguson on new made up rules. This church is where the protesters came for first aid from assaults from the cop. So the pig head cop Uncle Tom from the MO highway patrol is as bad as the resident cops. Surprise. Not.

Then there is an under reported story about one of the protesters being shot in the head. Fellow protesters got her help. Cops arrive at the hospital and stole the bullet that was removed from her head. SHE has not been interviewed. I betting that the bullet came from a cop’s gun. Link as soon as I find the article. Cops are trying to spin this as a drive by shooting. Here’s another take on this shooting. Based on the behavior of the cops (disinformation, no report filed, not interviewing the victim) – odds are that the bullet is from a cop’s gun. There are most probably x-rays of the bullet while still in the victim’s head. Medical personnel saw the bullet.

Once the lying starts more lies are required to cover the first lie. But then cops are good at lying. I am absolutely certain that there are good cops somewhere. The problem is when all the fucking cops play dress up soldiers and act like gang members, covering up the names, refusing to identify. Wait I did read somewhere that there were a few cops wearing their name tags and dressed in regular cop uniforms rather than the pretend soldier costumes.

Aaten-White is home now, recuperating, though she did appear at a church rally with Michael Brown’s family. She also retained Marwan Porter, a Florida-based attorney who specializes in cases involving police misconduct and personal injury. He’s in town now, and Daily RFT spoke with him yesterday as he drove to the Ferguson Police Department to try to obtain Aaten-White’s case files.

“We want to find out who and what agency took possession of the bullet,” he said. “We want to identify who was responsible for firing the weapon that ended up with a bullet being lodged in the front of Mya’s head.”

When we spoke with him several hours later, the story just got weirder.

“I’ve talked to both the St. Louis County Police Department and Ferguson…they have no record…no file number, no report,” he said. “They don’t have anything.”

Cops are out of control the pigs do not want the world to know about the racism so they are going after reporters and photographers who are doing their jobs. Some reporters have been hit by rubber bullets and others has been tear gassed. All by the Gestapo in Ferguson. The military occupation force in Ferguson. What role is the MO Fusion Center playing in this escalation of police violence? Homeland InSecurity? InJustice Department?

This reminds me of the Vietnam era cops. They would corner protesters in Berkeley, CA and beat the hell out of protesters with their clubs, toss the club’s and repeat. Police riots. Same as now. This will not end any time soon. Then there was the riot of the cops during the Democratic convention in Chicago during the Vietnam era. Obama is part of the Chicago Political Machine – hum what a coincidence. The global patterns are there. This reminds me of Kent State. History repeats and the stupid Democrats elected someone with no leadership training. He does know how to be Authoritarian. That isn’t leadership. I wish he could have been better, being from Hawaii and a hapa hoale (white). Growing up in a mixed race culture give one a unique prospective. Somehow that life’s lesson wasn’t learned by Obama.

At least one bad cop has been suspended for threatening to shoot protesters and the media. The stupid jerk made those threats during a live broadcast. Several reporters and opinion columnist has asked – how do the police behave when not being watched by the International media? The cops are behaving violently while being filmed. The answer of course, is the murder of Mike Brown by a cop, in broad daylight, in front of witnesses. That murder by cop isn’t the first and it certainly wasn’t the last. Murders by cops are reported on a nearly daily basis. Every 28 hours. Links to follow – links are on my other computer.

Additional links and comments

I am doing research on Fusion Centers (a step child of DHS and Justice Department. The more I learn about this Bastard department the more likely it appears that this agency is somehow involved. The raid on the church – where did that idea come from? Fusion Centers pure evil? Perhaps. The U.S. Senate doesn’t think highly of the Fusion Centers.

This link is to an article about how the cops in Ferguson are violating the first Amendment rights of protesters and the press. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/jurisprudence/2014/08/ferguson_s_constitutional_crisis_first_amendment_violations_are_only_part.htmlhttp://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/jurisprudence/2014/08/ferguson_s_constitutional_crisis_first_amendment_violations_are_only_part.html

One thing I learned is that Darren Wilson by law must justify each bullet. The pathologist said that the bullet to the top of Mike Brown’s head was the killing shot. Mike Brown would have survived the other bullets. We don’t even imagine if the roles were reversed where Mike Brown who be at this moment. Hint – jail or most likely dead. Cop killer or killer cop.

Ferguson police are attacking the Constitution.


Meanwhile the Ukraine is still a war zone as is the Middle East. Syria, Libya, Iraq (which is gone). Gaza the Palestinian death count is over 2,000. More bodies were found during the cease fire – which is over. Th Gazans are weary of war. The children have deep dark circles under their eyes. The poor dears should be in school. But schools are refugee shelters in Gaza. The Gazans are unwilling to go back to the way it was with the blockades.

It is so sad to see the Jewish Israelis behaving like a racist mob. So full of hate for Palestinians and anyone at all who does not agree with their plans for genocide in Gaza.

The hate goes on. The ISIS murdered a photo journalist somewhere in a vast wilderness of sand. The murder had an English accent a in UK English. An attempt was made to rescue the photojournalist. Apparently the assumption was that the Syrian Government was holding him prisoner. That was a miscalculation. Especially if the experts on Middle East fanatics is correct – that there are no moderate rebel groups and ISIS was funded by the U.S. when the CIA was funding rebels in Syria via Turkey. See Juan Cole’s blog for more information as well as the blog, Land Destroyer. http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com

Ebola is raging out of control in Africa. Well parts of Africa. The news from that part of the world is just awful. What can be done?

And there is that third world country which is slowly sliding into an Authoritarian mess.

At least five children refugees who came to America for safety and were returned to their country are now dead. So what is it with the GOP love the fetus but hate the child? Cognitive dissonance. Isn’t that special?


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