Where are the ISIS rebels getting their funding?

More and more it looks like U.S. taxpayers have been funding the evil ISIS. Tax payers were never asked if we minded that our hard earned dollars were going to a bunch of terrorists rebels. After all these terrorist rebels were going to obey their pay masters? Right?

Back to that huge convoy of Toyota trucks rolling through the desert on their was to conquer Iraq. The funding to move an army had to come from a Nation with very big pockets – Western European countries have been rumored to have paid multi-million dollar ransom payments to free hostages held by unnamed rebels. (There are several links in my original essay about the rebels in Syria from Middle East watchers who have been predicting bad things would happen from arming moderates who were never moderates.)

There is a lot of dirty business being done in the Middle East and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of oversight or even an understanding of real goals of so called moderate rebel groups. Besides trucks, food, uniforms the rebels are buying weapons and armament. Some equipment was left behind by Iraqi soldiers. But these ISIS religious fanatics do seems to be into the recycle and reuse lifestyle. Seems like these guys either send out arms buyers or the sellers come to them. Could it be that they are ordering weapons online? Anything is possible in this new age of modern warfare by men with a stone age view of the world. And let’s state the facts up front this is a guy’s war. A macho cave man war using modern weapons. Really what could go wrong with funding and arming a bunch of males from the stone age?

Additional links and comments

Slate article about the issue of ransom.

The trucks being used by the ISIS – at least the photo of the long convoy of trucks – looks like mostly Toyota Tacoma models. These trucks are manufactured in the USA. Assembled in Fremont (until 2010) California, Tijuana, Mexico, and San Antonio, Texas, also in Hamura, Japan. Source Wikipedia = Toyota_Tacoma

Seeing all those new looking trucks, probably 4 X 4 demonstrates in an in your face way just how much a major funding source has been shoveling into the black hole of the stone age mentality ISIS pigs. Oh the ISIS stone pagers apparently know about social media and how to use it. So these backward stone age freaks like some of the modern stuff but in all other ways they are raping savage male chauvinist pigs. Nice. Not.


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