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The body left in the street for four hours

This essay by Charles P Pierce about Michael Brown’s body left to lay where he fell after being executed by cop Darren Wilson. This essay is a must read to understand how wrong it was for the cops to act with complete disregard that this was a human being cut down in his youth. You want a symbol of racism? The body of an unarmed teenager murdered by a cop left in the street for four hours.

Would this happen on Wall Street? Michael Brown wasn’t a dead cat.

That this murder has brought the unapologetic racist isn’t surprising. There is also more about the video of Mike Brown in that store buying cigars or what ever. The Ferguson cops have been caught lying again and again. The cops set it up to cover their assets. In their eyes they felt the need to come up with a distraction so they could blame the victim.

A whole lot of things need to be changed – militarization of cops and the licence to kill given to cops along with their badges.

Children are taught to hate – that’s why we have racism, this is learned behavior. Why are racist cops hired? Perhaps because the whole command is racist?

Racist don’t hide their racism. One thing that has hurt any chance of reducing racism are the idiot liberals who have been screaming – “if you say anything against Obama then you are a racist,” or “you’re a racist because you don’t like Obama”. No that is not how it works. There are valid reasons not to like Obama as an individual human being. There are valid reasons to not support many of his political decision. Disagreement with Obama because there is a better option politically is not racism. Obama has demonstrated that he is a skillful liar. A racists hates Obama because of the color of his skin. No matter what Obama does makes a difference to haters. Racists claim Obama is a socialist or communist using no fact to support their emotional B.S. In fact Obama has shown himself to be faithful to his financial backers. Obama is consistently on the side of the 0.01 percent.

Racists are so easy to expose. Get the Ferguson cops to talk about Obama or African Americans in general – racists will out themselves. The reason why racists cops keep their jobs is because racist are most comfortable among other racist. The way the cops in Ferguson response throughout the post Mike Brown murder was and is pure racism.

Leaving Michael Brown’s body laying on a hot road for four hours was racist. The message to the living – mind yourselves or this could be you. This is what happens in third world countries when the dictator wants to send a message.

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