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Obama’s lack of leadership training

For me the biggest reason I could not vote for Obama was because of his lack of leadership skills. I looked hard in an attempt to discover if he had any leadership skills or boot camp leadership skills. No evidence – Obama claimed his leadership skills were from his political campaign for the White House. Did Obama have any knowledge of foreign or International politics. Here again he got a zero. Also he had little knowledge of the geography of America and little knowledge of regional politics.

Obama has created a climate of chaos because of his lack of leadership in world politics. He really seems unable to make up his mind or understand the long term consequences of his non action.

Here’s a great source of information about Obama’s chaotic leadership style.  Read the whole article it is well worth your time.

President Barack Obama’s foreign policy has been disjointed and even incoherent because he has – since taking office in 2009 – pursued conflicting strategies, mixing his own penchant for less belligerent “realism” with Official Washington’s dominant tough-guy ideologies of neoconservatism and its close cousin, “liberal interventionism.”

What this has meant is that Obama often has acted at cross-purposes, inclined to cooperate with sometimes adversaries like Russia on pragmatic solutions to thorny foreign crises, such as Syria’s chemical weapons and Iran’s nuclear program, but other times stoking these and other crises by following neocon demands that he adopt aggressive tactics against Russia, Syria, Iran and other “enemies.”

Because Obama grew up in Hawaii where he was part of the majority population which is mixed race, he never really experienced racism. He is a hapa hoale or half Hawaiian in the pidgin English of the Islands. I was growing up in Hawaii during much of the civil rights era. Most of us school kids didn’t have a clue about what was happening thousands of miles away on the Mainland USA.  So, yes, we local school kids understood the concept of race and different cultures but not International politics or the internal politics of say Japan and other Asian countries or the rest of the world.

When I was in high school I attended mixed race schools but frankly I never even realized just how integrated the high school I graduated actually was. We were mixed race but mostly from similar socio-economic backgrounds. Lower middle class to upper middle class then but now that area is now upper middle class to very well off. What I am saying that class differences are a bigger dividing point than ethnicity.

Obama went to an very upper class high school where the majority of his classmates has very little contact with the lower (less affluent) classes.

International politics and International power plays takeaway long time to understand – of course President’s aren’t expected to know everything. They depend on advisors who hopefully understand the complexities of regional politics and the individuals involved in high level International politics. Frankly many of the world leaders knew from the beginning that Obama wasn’t ready for prime time.

So, we have Obama covertly arming Syrian rebels, many of whom were interchangeable with Islamic jihadists, but then sending the U.S. military back into Iraq to fight some of these same extremists who spilled back into Iraq, the country where they got their start after President George W. Bush’s neocon-inspired invasion.


But at the core of Obama’s muddled foreign policy is his unwillingness to challenge the prime sources of Middle Eastern instability, traditional U.S. “allies”: Israel and Saudi Arabia. Those two countries feed the violence across the region, Israel through its brutality toward the Palestinians – providing a recruiting bonanza for Islamic extremists – and Saudi Arabia via its covert funding for jihadists.

However, because Israel and Saudi Arabia get a pass on much of what they do – and Israel in particular wields extraordinary influence over the U.S. political/media process – Obama has typically tried to finesse the chaos that these “allies” wreak.

Weak President can be used and as a result a whole lot of people die. The struggle for control of resources, Land, water, oil, and other natural resources will intensify as the world’s population increases and climate change will force massive migrations of humans. No one human is capable of anticipating all the correct moves and decisions – politicians seem more intent on short range views and problem solving. Obama is just a politician with few leadership skills.

So many people projected onto Obama their own vision for the future. Obama could never deliver on other’s grand world lions for the future. Basically I doubt that Obama is thinking beyond his next game of golf.

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