Police state example # 1

Growing up on military bases was like living in a police state. When I went out the gates of military the last base my father was stationed at when he retired from the Navy I vowed I would never return to a military base.

But with the militarization of all the local police forces the military has moved out and taken over the civilian world. NSA spies on civilians so that the military take over is complete.

Case in point – a disabled young woman is removed from a public bus by a cop because her eyes are red and cop says this proves she’s a drug addict. The cop is a jerk. Red eyes prove nothing – except perhaps the the victim of cop stupidity has an allergy. She was forced to take a drug test – she tested negative for drugs.

Getting arrested for red eyes. Now it is illegal to has allergies. If you have asthma – that’s a death sentence.

Military cops were always butt holes and the civilian military cops are the same.

Stories like these need to be published and blogged. We have an epidemic of rouge cops. The only way this garbage will stop is if we all let our legislators know we will no longer tolerate being the enemy the insurgents in the eyes of the cops and the government.

Additional links and information
This link is about a father’s efforts to get outside investigators to review each and every death caused by police officers. This father’s son was executed by a cop – gun to the head, execution style. That cop is still working as a cop. The facts of the case were uncovered by private investigators and a retired police officer. The cops were guilty and the city ended up paying for the murder. In this country cops can gun down unarmed victims and continue on except for some time off with pay. Families are put through hell the victims are demonized and the cops walk free.

How can cops be trusted? They can not be trusted – not until every cop has to obey the Sam exact laws that the citizens, we the people must obey. Since March chapel Brown was gunned down by a cop – others have been executed by cop. Lists of execution by cop are being kept and data is being collected of police violence in America. Cops it is also up to you to fix this problem. We the people are not your enemy.


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