Recording of shots fired is verified

First there was a news story about how someone having a conversation and recording that conversation captured the sound of 11 gun shots – most likely the shots that killed unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The makers of the app which recorded the shots has verified the recording as being authentic. So the naysayers are yet again wrong while trying to stand up for a murdering cop. This also means that 5 of the shots went wild – thankfully no other innocent was harmed by the berserk out of control cop.

When will people in authority going to realize that people (mostly of color) are in danger from cops. Problem is we don’t know which cops are the good guys. As a woman I understand this dilemma because although only a small minority of males are dangerous if I or other women meet this guy in a dark alley or somewhere women could be vulnerable to attack – women are generally very aware of our surroundings. Because one never knows who the bad guys are. Some cops have done bad things to women so one never knows if the light flashing you to pull over is the bad rouge cop or just a guy doing his job. When ALL cops protect and give cover to the bad cops then unfortunately all cops become the bad cops.

Looking at the number of human beings killed by cops in America as compared to human beings kill by cops in other developed countries makes American cops look like crazed killers. Just saying what the lop sided numbers look like.

Additional links and comments

6 September 2014 – New witness of the Michael Brown shooting comes forward.

This new witness is significant – he was not from Ferguson but rather was in that place because he was working outside for an employer. This witness was in a position to see the second half of the final moments of Brown’s life. The short version is that Brown had turned with his hands up and was surrendering. To me the critical point is that the death bullet was deliberately fired at Michael Brown’s head by this cop. This cop should be in jail, and not treated like a hero by other cops. In a related case cops want the death penalty for the murder of one of their fellow cops. Sort of like soldiers in a battle field.

Digby has a thoughtful piece on Salon about the execution of two black men who were holding toy guns and were executed upon sight by the cops. Meanwhile, white folk are talked to and reasoned with by the cops. Drunk white guys gives up his gun after a stand off and then has his gun returned when he was somber. Too bad the white cops can’t return the lives of the countless men of color that have been executed without a trial.

Double standards.


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