Why do cops grab video?

Here’s a case where the video has most likely been altered so that what happened just before cops emptied 23 bullets into a mentally ill person is missing. Talk about fishy.

Again the problem with cops and prosecutors covering for bad cops now all the cops and technical staff are painted with the same corruption as the murdering cops. All cops – every single cop must undergo mandatory training on handling, recognising individuals with mental illness. Sometime cops go into situations not knowing the mental state of their target. Then there are the Times it seems as if the cops arrive and shoot their target dead.

With a mental health system hardly even functioning across the U.S. untrained, uneducation and often barbaric cops are dealing with unmedicated people suffering a psychotic break. These people frighten the public lack any knowledge about people with mental illness. Why are the severely mentally ill out on the street (often homeless) in the first place? The mentally ill who do survive an encounter with cops often find themselves in jail – out of sight and out of mind. Jails are now the de facto mental hospitals. America is not the greatest when the shame of mental illness is locked away and hidden in jails. Or the mental patients are executed by cops. This outcome is far too common in a supposedly modern 21st century nation.

Cops demand and or steal phone video – this seems to be standard operating procedure. Any camera worn by cops or dash cams must have a locking device which can only be removed by an independent lab.

Additional links and comments

Back in the mid to late 1960s there were riots in areas with predominately black populations. One riot happened in Newark, N.J. after a black cab driver was assaulted by the cops – because the cops didn’t need a reason, like now. And that is the point of bringing up the past. Not much has changed in the years following the riots after Martin Luther King Jr assassination. Driving while black, walking while black, shopping while black, all are reasons why hundreds of African-American are killed by cops. There is a pattern and only the isolated and ignorant white folk don’t see the problem. (Link to article about the Newark riots comes from JJ Lopez Minkoff at the Skydancer blog. This article about Newark 1967 is well worth your time.)

How many more will die before the murdering and cover ups of the murders stop?


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