Cop Robbins Hoods of the highways

Government robbery went to a new level starting during the Raygun era. Every so often investigative reporters dig into the sewers of cop shops and the Fed encouragement of the highway robbery by cops.

There have been 61,998 cash seizures made on highways and elsewhere since 9/11 without search warrants or indictments through the Equitable Sharing Program, totaling more than $2.5 billion. State and local authorities kept more than $1.7 billion of that while Justice, Homeland Security and other federal agencies received $800 million. Half of the seizures were below $8,800.

Fusion Centers throughout the U.S. mine data on individuals. Data on individuals most likely to be traveling with cash can be forwarded to cop shops. We are all being spied on constantly by our own government. Since the NSA crimes are most recently exposed we tend to forget about the organized spying on the state level which takes place in Fusion Centers. We saw how Fusion Centers direct cop’s armed and violent responses to constitutional legal protests in the Occupy Wall Street movements and the protests in Ferguson over the execution by cop of an unarmed teenager.

All of this violence by cops, militarization of cops, highway robbery by cops, is due to the war on drugs and the post 9-11 era when We The People became the enemy. At the same time the real crooks in government running robbery schemes really needs the civilian population to be distracted. Civilians clinging to one of the National parties were taught to hate other civilians in the other party. We don’t talk to people in that bad party and we don’t learn that we all are being robbed in some way by the big bad government. Problem is that not ALL government is bad. As a country America needs organization and standards and rules that we all understand. Most people working for the government are just doing their jobs.

Problems happen when segments of the government go rouge and act outside of the rules and organizing principles of the government. Congress seems to have the innate ability to write laws for seemingly good reasons like – Drugs are bad, Money from drugs are bad – therefore congress writes a law to take the bad drug money from the bad guys. Oh no – money can be bad, but if the government takes that bad money the money becomes good. Now this former bad money is shared and all of this former bad money totals in the millions or billions (who the hell knows after the first few millions?)

Cars and homes and other properties have been confiscated because of suspected bad behavior. Louisiana way back in the mid 1990s had a very bad reputation of stopping cars for alleged traffic violations and then confiscating the car because a similar model had or could carry drugs.

There was an investigative TV segment on this Louisiana car theft by cop ring. If you had an out of state license plate and drove down the interstate highway most likely you would be pulled over for weaving in the traffic lane or speeding. The tv network sent a news crew with cameras out on the hotspot for cop hijackings of cars. Sure enough the news crew got pulled over by the Robbing Hood cops. This traffic stop was caught on real film back in the day when huge cameras were used on live tv. Back in that era news crews didn’t get beat up by cops on live tv as we saw recently in Ferguson, Missouri.

The news crew interviewed innocent victims of the Louisiana cop shop. This was an early warning that the war on drugs was going horribly wrong. This tv investigation segment ran in the mid 1990s – or in the last century.

Of course, this in-depth tv investigation of the corrupt southerners, had a major impact on my awareness and ability to see patterns and themes. Not all southerners are corrupt but there are those speed trap hotspots in southern jurisdictions that do get the press reports. Turns out that traffic stops are in themselves a major source of revenue without the addition of the Fusion Centers using illegal spying on Americans to target individuals for traffic stops because that vehicle might be carrying cash.

We have all been manipulated by ?????? That is the question. The “news media” has been in the prime seat to do most of the them against us hysteria. The other suspect has to be Fusion Centers and their need to collect data on all of us. What would happen if Americans could sit down and simply talk to each other without the emotional triggers which make us forget that we are all humans and that parts of our government is being run break rouge bureaucrats. Laws written with perhaps good intentions have been subverted – in this case cops are stealing from citizens. The federal government is getting a kick back from the thieves. The Senate looked into the operations of the Fusion Centers and gave these Government operations a failing grade. (Fusion Centers are a combination of Homeland InSecurity and the Justice Department.)

So back to the highway robbery by cops. Individuals discovered to be carrying cash by illegal spying is passed on to cop shops. Cars are stopped and searched and cash is stolen by cops. Some of the victims complain and sometimes the news media picks up the interesting stories of isolated rouge cops.

Driving across country three times round trip I have witnessed cars pulled over by cops for traffic tickets. But the cars pulled over that caught my attention were the cars pulled over with all the contents of that car pulled out and spread out being searched by cops. It looked to me like the cops were searching for a known item. These cop stops looked exactly like the military police stopping sailors’ cars and pulling everything out, dumped on the road. High ranking officer’s vehicles were never stopped.

Note in the quoted text – half – of the money seized was under $10,000. The vast majority of individuals who have had their cash stolen by cops don’t get it back. You must be doing “something illegal” to be carrying so much cash. Guilty without trial or evidence. For years I have heard the warning – do not carry cash while traveling to foreign countries. It now turns out that the foreign countries are cops shop jurisdictions in every state. We’ve heard about speed traps now we are learning that if we withdraw money from the bank we might as well paint a bull’s eye on out vehicle.

” Those laws were meant to take a guy out for selling $1 million in cocaine or who was trying to launder large amounts of money,” said Mark Overton, the police chief in Bal Harbour, Fla., who once oversaw a federal drug task force in South Florida. “It was never meant for a street cop to take a few thousand dollars from a driver by the side of the road.”

Cops are dirty – not all cops are dirty – how can we know which individual cop is one of the good guys? We cannot know because even the ‘good’ cops cover for the bad cops.

The important takeaway from the article linked above is the everyone needs to know their rights. Probable Cause. Warrant required for a search. The article linked has short explanation of your rights during traffic stops. The ACLU also has additional information.

Since we are all suspects, and we are all the enemy, apparently, to the Feds, and cop shop mafia, we need to know our legal rights. This knowledge is even more important for people of color – these are the folks most likely to be pulled over for a fishing exposition by cop. All the cops sees when they pull a driver over, is a target to rob, and often they get that target data from the state Fusion Centers. Some of the weasel worded reasons why the victim was targeted seems to be covering for the illegal spying by Fusion Centers or the old parallel construction trick used by the DEA to cover up the fact that the targeting data comes from NSA or other such illegal/unconstitutional spying on Americans.

What a massive rip off scheme! Pull cars over for “traffic” violations but really based on illegal spying search for the cash, take the cash and split the cash with the government. Now I’m wondering about all the prizes or rewards given to various cops shops – were these rewards for sharing cash with the Feds? Now I am also wondering how much of the cash was reported for sharing and how much of the cash just sort of disappeared? It would be so easy for a really corrupt cop to take that next step.

Yes we really do live in a third world country. A third world country trying to spread the religious dogma of Democracy – when democracy does not exist in America. The America where a murder victim is left on the spot where he fell for five hours.

Additional links and comments

Prairie Weather blog also covered this story. But my view is that the traffic stops used to confiscate cash and/or vehicles began much earlier with the War on Drugs during the Raygun era and the papa Bush era. During the Bush jr era the Terrorist were used as an excuse to expand the confiscation racket. These confiscation of cash and property are done BEFORE any trial takes place where guilt or innocence is decided. Most often according to article and other reports no trial ever takes place.

Another thing that bothers me is that the uneducated cops are using “body language” that they may have learned in a one hour more or less course. It takes years of training to learn to read body language and often psychopaths (like cops) are skilled at masking or controlling “tells or signs” of criminal behavior. If ANY of the victims of bogus traffic stops has had any prior bad experience with crooked cops — then the mere presence of a cop can put the victim on the alert.

That would mean more of us are skeptical of cops’ motives. Current example — cops in states next to Washington State or Colorado are stopping cars with license plates from WA or CO – and the cops claim to smell pot. These stops targeting vehicles from pot legal states are just one more piece of evidence that cops all over are using bogus traffic stops to gain revenue for their cop shops, local judges and the Federal Government.

Picture this — a cop sitting behind a bush, spots a car — just a random car and he runs a check on the plates. What sort of information pops up and how many databases (some super secret and unconstitutional) pop up with background information? We won’t know exactly how deep the corruption goes, until all of the bad stuff, illegal stuff, unconstitutional stuff is exposed.



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